Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact

7 May 2014

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara

Although I love a high-end splurge, I always try and find that perfect drugstore mascara. I get through mascaras quicker than most products in my collection and with the hygiene and safety mascara rules, each has a short shelf life of just three months. Constantly buying and replacing mascaras means my budget can't stress to my high-end favourites, and instead you can find me rummaging through the beauty aisles of Boots, hoping for the next best thing. Rimmel has always been my favourite for drugstore mascaras, but lately an offering from Max Factor has caught my attention, with a mascara that does everything I need whilst being completely fuss free.

The Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara (Boots*, £12.99) is a dual-ended mascara, probably like any other dual-ended mascara you've seen. Except this is the very first dual-ended mascara that has actually worked for me, actually fulfilled it's claims and has been a mascara I have turned to time and time again, for that very reason. The packaging is big, bold, with a black and silver theme. Each side of the mascara is labelled in order of use and what they do. 

The first wand promises to provide extreme volume, whilst the second wand create a dark, intense lacquer for jet-black volumised lashes. Sound good? It is. The first wand effortlessly separates my lashes, even the teeny tiny ones which are usually hard to catch. I like to let the first 'layer' settle and dry a little before applying the second, as otherwise I can find the work done by the first wand, is less noticeable. The second wand works to add an intense black lacquer, giving fuller, thicker and volumised lashes. It's easy to apply, with a bigger wand and the colour is definitely intense, a true black, which is what I look for in a mascara. I really love how full it makes my lashes look, with no need to apply falsies. The colour is great, making my naturally lifeless lashes stand out and it also works great at holding a curl in place (I always curl my lashes first) It doesn't budge or smudge throughout the day, and it comes off easily with most eye-makeup removers, although an oil-based makeup remover is easiest. I think the price is OK for a drugstore mascara, although definitely at the higher end of what I usually go for. Overall? I'm really impressed. Max Factor had never been a brand I would turn to for mascara, but after trying the Excess Volume Extreme Impact mascara? I'll definitely be trying more. My everyday mascara for the past few months, a definite repurchase.

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