Current bedtime staples

28 May

A look at my current bedtime staples

A look at my current bedtime staples
Having started to fall in love with early nights, each day I find myself looking forward to getting under the sheets and settling down for a pamper and wind down. My bedside table is adorned with as many products as I can fit on the small space, and some have become staples, whilst others come and go. 

A staple product which hasn't left my bedside since Christmas, is the coveted This Works Sleep Balm (FeelUnique, £9.60), a product hailed by many bloggers as the perfect sleeping aid. A smooth balm, Sleep Balm is multi-purpose; it can be used to relieve tension and insomnia, as well as being great for dry areas such as cuticles. I've tried it on dry areas before, but for me the best use for Sleep Balm is it's main purpose - to help me get off to sleep! With a blend of French Lavender Oil which works to calm, Tahitian Monoi Oil which hydrates, Rose Oil which strengthens and purifies the skin, and moisturising Coconut Oil, each work in sync to create an aromatherapeutic balm, a miracle in a pot. Popping a touch of the balm on and behind my ears, on my temples and also my pulse points on my wrist, leaves me feeling pretty darn relaxed. After 10 minutes, I'm easily well on my way to sleep and feeling far more lucid and ready for sleep than usual. Within 15 minutes, I'm nodding off. For me, that is a huge achievement as without Sleep Balm, it can realistically take me at least an hour to wind down and fall asleep. With 100% natural ingredients, Sleep Balm is the perfect way to help me get some much needed beauty sleep.

One thing I always ensure to do before bed, is give my feet a pamper, especially with Summer on it's way. I'm one of those girls whose unlucky to have pretty big, chunky feet, that are easily bashed about and suffer for it (although, who actually likes their feet anyway?!) I always use specific exfoliators and moisturisers, and lately I've been really loving The Body Shop Africa Honey & Beeswax Hands & Foot Butter (TheBodyShop*, 125ml, £10) which is a touch too thick for my hands, but perfect for my feet. A super rich buttery cream inspired by African Tribal spa rituals, it has a gorgeous sweet but subtle scent that leaves my skin feeling like silk to the touch. It tackles any dry areas, leaving skin soft and smooth. Smitten.

Of course, what would bedtime be without a good book? I mentioned How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern (Waterstones, free delivery, £5.99) in my recent The Sunday post # 21, a book I finished just a few days ago but one I highly recommend for anyone who loves a good chick lit. I'd love to hear your recommendations for what I should read next! 

What are your current bedtime staples? 

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  1. That sleep balm looks like something I need in my life. Thanks for sharing.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. The body shop foot balm sounds gorgeous, I think I need to pick that up next time I'm in town!! Lovely post :)

    Jess xo

  3. This is such a great idea for a blog post! I definitely want to try the This Works Sleep Balm, I have such issues with falling asleep!!xx

  4. I loved this book! Have you read any Dorothy Koomson? The Rose Petal Beach is such a great one, but all of her's are fab!


  5. I love a good book in bed along with Soap and Glorys night cream.


  6. Ahh I nearly picked up How To Fall In Love whilst I was in Asda at the weekend, I knew I should've! Dammit! If you're into Chick-lit, Adele Parks is a wonderful author and I couldn't recommend her books enough!
    Lou Barker xo

  7. Ooh i wanted to get how to fall in love, is next on my reading list. I'd suggest anything by Lindsey Kelk, i'd start off with A single Girl's To Do List, and then check out her I Heart series first one being I heart New York, all her books are hilarious! :) xxx

  8. I loveee Cecelia Ahern! If you liked this I'd recommend any of her others. My favourite is Where Rainbows End and If You Could See Me Now is also great. I also agree with Emma, Dorothy Koomson is great - Marshmallows for Breakfast and My Best Friend's Girl are my favourites from her!

  9. I'm reading that book!!, love Cecelia Ahern P.s I Love You is such a good book. Also love Adele Parks and Jane Green too! Adele x

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Anything by Louise Bagshawe is good!

  12. Sleep balm works really well. Great post :)


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