Cloud Nine The Wand Review

12 May

Cloud Nine has become one of the most talked about hair brands in the beauty community and having tried one of their coveted products for myself, it's easy to see why. Cloud Nine have quite the variety of styling tools on offer; there's The Irons which includes four different straightening irons, there's The O; super innovative heated rollers, as well as The Wands, of which they're three varieties of curling wands. Not forgetting a full range of brushes, styling products and accessories! Created by the brains behind GHD, Cloud Nine is a step forward from old-fashioned thinking, making hair tools fun, unique and innovative, all whilst creating the look you desire with ease.

A review of the Cloud 9 The Wand curling tongs
A review of the Cloud 9 The Wand curling tongs

A review of the Cloud 9 The Wand curling tongs
The Wand (Cloud9*, £119.95) uses revolutionary technology which allows you to create a variety of styles, without the need for searing heat or unnecessary damage to your hair. Presented in a perfectly snug box, The Wand itself looks pretty big, but that's due to the protective heat guard which slips over the wand. I think this is a really great feature as so often, I wish my hair tools were better protected or for the areas which receive the most heat, to have some sort of casing. The barrel of the wand itself has been created to give curls a natural shine, with the longer, shine-enhancing barrel, able to create anything from corkscrew curls to boho waves. The barrel is tapered and super smooth so you can go as tight or as loose with your curls as you like, with no awkward ridges, bends or sections to get your hair caught in or leaving any tell-tell signs of having curled your hair. The style and shape of the barrel allow you to create curls which look more natural, with varying diameters from base to tip, alongside three temperature settings; I always think it's best to start on a lower heat and work up if need be - don't give your hair unnecessary heat damage! A higher heat creates tighter curls, whilst a lower heat creates loose curls. The Wand is also cleverly created to go into hibernation mode, a safety feature which is an absolute essential with heated styling tools for me; if left on but unused for 30 minutes, The Wand will turn itself off. Another fab protective feature of The Wand is a glove which comes with The Wand and works to shield your hands from the heat, whilst giving you the control to hold your hair and The Wand comfortably and with ease. It's quite the impressive tool, isn't it?

I've been trying a few different styles with The Wand, creating tight curls for up-do styles, or looser curls for a more relaxed look. The Wand itself is incredibly easy to use and the glove allows me to get up close and personal, without burning myself. The smooth barrel makes this the easiest curling wand I have ever used - there's nothing for my hair to get caught on, no accidental snagging of my hair and no pulling or breaking. The result, whether loose or tight, is always perfect, with a natural look to the curls without any awkward lines or heat marks. I also find with a good spritz of hairspray, the curls last all day with no problem; and if tighter curls, the next day too! You can watch some fab tutorials over on the Cloud 9 YouTube channel, but it's honestly so super simple to use! 

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