16 Apr 2014

This review contains products for those above the legal age of 18. Please only click-through if you are 18+.

A very different post today, on a product which has never featured on the blog before, and written by someone else! The reviewer in question is my partner, who will be sharing his thoughts on Vapourlites. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about Vapourlites, the UK's largest independent e-cigarette company. Vapourlites offer electronic cigarettes which are tar, tobacco and ash free. They are also smoke-free, odour free and contain no carbon monoxide. Becoming a popular alternative for smokers wishing to kick the habit, e-cigarettes are a healthier and more affordable option for those wanting to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, instead opting for the new craze of Vapourlites! My partner tried both the Vapourlites Tobacco Flavoured Electronic Cigarette* and the Vapourlites Menthol Micro Electronic Cigarette*. Here's what he had to say...

"I've wanted to stop smoking for a while, so the chance to try an alternative such as Vapourlites electronic cigarettes was great. Everyone seems to be smoking e-cigs recently, switching from the more expensive normal cigarettes to vapours. There's a few reasons I want to stop smoking, and have chosen e-cigarettes as a possible route to do so. Of course, smoking costs a lot of money and most importantly it's damaging to your health, as well as having a horrible smell and taste. Before trying Vapourlites, I had never tried an e-cigarette before, so it was all a pretty new experience for me. 

The Vapourlites Electronic Cigarette was easy to set up - as in it was already ready to use straight away! I like the handy charger which comes with it, especially as it plugs perfectly into the front of my xBox. As someone who smokes tobacco and rolls my own cigarettes, I did find the taste and strength of the Tobacco Flavoured Vapourlites to be quite strong and unpleasant, but for those who smoke regular cigarettes, I suspect it would do just fine. Suggesting it lasts the same as 40 real cigarettes, I managed to use the Tobacco Flavoured Vapourlites for four days before it ran out. The Menthol Micro Electronic Cigarette was much easier, with a slight menthol taste and was much easier to get through than the harsher tasting Tobacco Flavoured one. 

In the long-term, I don't think e-cigarettes are something I could change to completely, but mostly because the strength difference between the Tobacco Flavoured e-cig and a roll-up, is quite a lot. If there was a Vapourlites that was more suitable for smokers who roll their own, it's probably a product I'd invest in in the future."

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*This is a sponsored post. This post includes a review written by my partner, and not myself. All opinions are that of my partner. For more info, see my disclaimer.