The Sunday post # 14

6 Apr 2014

For the first time in a long time, this weekend has been a 'weekend off'. I've not made myself do any work, I've not revised (probably not the wisest decision I've made all weekend), I've not done anything really. And that is something I really needed! 2014 has so far absolutely whizzed by me and it feels like I've been go, go, go all year. It's nice to give yourself a little time out sometimes, and boy am I glad I did. I ended up having such a productive weekend! Yesterday I completely sorted my diary out for the next few months, finally writing in plans, birthdays and upcoming meetings which I had been relying on odd pieces of paper to remember. As soon as my diary was sorted out, I felt far less stressed and decided to do the same with a lot of things I had been putting off. I took a big patch of blog photos last night, as well as writing down weeks of blog posts ideas and a nice little schedule to keep me on top of everything. I've taken advantage of my week planner and included everything from blogging to Uni work, and even household tasks, making sure I keep on top of everything. The whole time I had one of my favourite shows (Sons of Anarchy) playing, and the gorgeous NEOM Cocooning Home Candle (NEOM*, £39.50) burning, which I am sure had a positive effect on my mood for the rest of the night (and today!) The Cocooning candle has a subtle and light scent of Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Jasmine, working to soothe and relax. A lovely light scent, it certainly helped me feel more serene and will be out again tonight, whilst I work on some more planning for the week ahead. A peaceful mind, a peaceful life. It just feels so much better to be organised again, to know what I'm doing, to have a realistic idea of time scales and deadlines. The only downside to the organisation, is that it has left me seriously lusting over some new stationary! Where's your favourite place for cute stationary buys? 

This week has been pretty lovely, and very relaxed. On Wednesday I headed to Birmingham for a lovely Spring Clean Brightening Facial at Samsara Skin, which was absolutely amazing and my skin has been left very happy and pampered. Months in the planning, I met up with fellow beauty blogger Vicky over at Let's Talk Beauty before heading to Samsara, to grab some food, have a good catch up and to shop. Boy did we shop. It was really lovely to have the time to go shopping in Birmingham, as it has been years since I made a visit without rushing somewhere or other. It's not my favourite City for shopping, but I managed to make quite a dent in my purse with some more new drugstore buys and a high-end limited edition splurge. I'll be sharing a haul on the blog later this week, so be sure to keep an eye out - a collective haul spanning online shopping and three shopping trips. Here was me thinking I'd been good with shopping and watching the pennies this year, the past two weeks have been anything but! On the topic of spending, Samsara Skin have an up to 50% off sale on right now, you can check it out here

Today was the perfect end to a relaxed weekend, spent in my local town meeting a local blogger Charlotte over at Charlotte Louise Thompson for the first time. Food and shopping (seems to be a regular theme with me) was a lovely way to spend what is usually a very lazy Sunday, and with such lovely company too.

How have you spent your weekend?

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