The Body Shop Raspberry love

19 April

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter and Body Scrub, from the new Raspberry range.
A look at two products from the new Raspberry range at The Body Shop.

You know how sometimes you can smell a product for the first time and you literally want to devour it because it smells so darn delicious? Well, that's how I felt the first time I opened one of the new Raspberry products which have recently joined The Body Shop as an entire new fragrance range. The scent is just scrumptious and smells exactly like fresh, ripe raspberries. I've been lucky to try two products from the new range, both of which I have become completely addicted to and I definitely plan on picking up a lot more products from the range (starting with the shower gel!) Seriously, get yourself to your local The Body Shop store and have a sniff of the range, it really is one of the yummiest scents!

If you're a fan of exfoliators that are easy to use in the shower, yet leave your skin softer and smoother, then you will love the Raspberry Body Scrub (TheBodyShop*, 200ml, £12.50) With an unusual texture for a scrub, much like jam made from real fruit, it's the perfect kind of scrub for a quick and easy exfoliation in the shower. The star ingredient for this gentle yet effective scrub is Raspberry Extract, along with real Raspberry Seeds, which work to leave skin both smoother in texture and soft to the touch. A little goes a long way and the texture is so easy to use if you want something quick that works to remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin, whilst also being really easy to remove, washing off as easy as shower gel. I love that the exfoliating texture is from real Raspberry Seeds, it makes it a little more fun than the usual exfoliator! 

The Raspberry Body Butter (TheBodyShop*, 200ml, £13) is the perfect follow up product with the same luxuriously thick, buttery texture The Body Shop has become famous for. With the same scent as the scrub, and is the perfect way to intensely hydrate and soften my skin. Layering scents means I am left with the delicious Raspberry scent lingering all day. Can you tell I'm a fan?!

Let me know what you think to the new Raspberry collection and if you've tried any of the range. I'm definitely picking up the shower gel next time I'm in store! 

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*The post contains a PR sample. All thoughts are my own. For more info, see my disclaimer.

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  1. Ooo!!! This looks amazing! In need of a new exfoliator so will have to give this a sniff next time I'm in :)

    Sam xx

  2. I love raspberry scents, these look lovely

  3. This sounds really nice. The body scrub sounds good enough to eat! :-) – A blog for the modern man

  4. I love raspberry scents, I'm going to have to try this range!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  5. I was lucky enough to review the strawberry range recently. One of my favourite features of the product was the smell, it was just like Hubba Bubba! I will definitely be buying more when I've finished with my gifted set! xx

  6. I've seen the jam-like scrub on so many blogs now, and it looks more delicious every time! I'm not sure if I should et it, because I might not be able to keep myself from tasting it..

  7. in love with bath and body products from the bodyshop too - everything smells super gorgeous! <3

    Check out my latest posts on the Blog! :)
    AL xx
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  8. looks great! I really want to try them :)


  9. The body scrub sounds really great! :)

  10. I want these so much. They smell so good! :)

  11. I absolutely adore the body shop body butters and raspberries are my favorite fruit so basically I'll have no choice but to get this hahaha

  12. I definitely need to get me some of this :)