Bourjois Rouge Velvet Peach Club

23 Apr 2014

A gorgeous liquid lacquer from Bourjois, Rouge Velvet Lipstick in Peach Club

Bourjois have finally created a lip product I can get on the bandwagon with. I am a lip product fiend and when reviews starting popping up of the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick range, I knew I had to add one to my collection. Liquid lacquers are some of my favourite to wear, as with the right formula I find the colour intensity and longevity is just that touch better than your typical traditional lipstick. I've dabbled in a couple of high-end lip lacquers, but find drugstore alternatives to be just as good. The new Bourjois range is fairly priced for a Bourjois product, at £8.99, only a touch more than my beloved Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers (Boots, £6.49) 

The first thing you notice, of course, is the packaging. Although I love drugstore products, the packaging is always a touch too much on the cheap plastic side for me. Yet the new Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks are perfectly sized and feel more luxurious, sturdier, with little details such as embossing on the outer casing. With a doe-foot wand applicator, which is firm and nicely sized for applying with precision, its easy to work with and fuss-free. I really like the formula, which is thicker than the Apocalips range, but feels creamy and moisturising on the lip. The shade range is pretty decent, with six shades in total ranging from nudes through to vivid pinks. I opted for Peach Club (Boots, £8.99), a gorgeous muted apricot peach. It's just as wearable as any nude and works well with so many different looks, one of those 'perfect for any occasion' shades. Longevity wise I can pop this on and get on with my day without having to reapply until the afternoon, even through eating and drinking, which is much better than I thought it'd do! 

I'm a fan! What about you? Have you tried the new range? What shade do you think I should go for next? And if you have a favourite brand for lip lacquers, I'd love to hear your recommendations! 

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