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1 Apr 2014

Bodhi Balms
Two products haven't left my bedside ever since they arrived, two products I have come to really adore. For those of you new to Bodhi, they are one of my favourite British brands, producing natural and organic products with some of the highest quality ingredients you'll find. A cruelty free brand, Bodhi products are free from harsh synthetic ingredients like Parabens, Sulphates, synthetic colours or fragrances and animal derived ingredients (except for ethically sourced Beeswax and Honey) With phenomenal products spanning body care and skincare, for both men and women, all beautifully presented in some of my favourite packaging for a brand. Bodhi is a brand that everyone needs to try (I recommend the Bamboo Cotton Flannel (SamsaraSkin, £5) as the perfect starting point!), because their products fulfill their claims all whilst being full of skin-loving ingredients, with perfect formulas and beautiful scents. 

Mint Thé Temple Balm (SamsaraSkin*, 15g, £15) has been a revelation for me, and I featured it in yesterday's The Stand-Outs # 3 post as a real favourite product for March. I suffer very easily from aches and pains, particularly around my neck, shoulders and lower back. The fault of a large bust and being overweight, the strain on my body can sometimes result in serious sore spots. Mint Thé Temple Balm works to soothe and revive both the body and mind, with a unique blend of healing Essential Oils. Babassu Nut Oil is a soft butter which melts instantly on contact with the skin, penetrating deeply and leaving a cooling sensation without any unwanted greasiness. White Camphor is a perfect oil for treating muscle aches, sprains and bruises, with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, as well as helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Cajeput has strong analgesic properties, making it a perfect oil for managing joint and muscle pain, an antiseptic which is also great for cuts, bruises and reducing scaring. Eucalyptus is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and works as a decongestant, making it a powerful and hard working ingredient. Lastly, Frankincense, which works to relieve muscle aches and pains, with skin rejuvenating properties. Massaging a touch of product onto my sorest points, it's mere minutes before the aches and pains are reduced and I feel more relaxed and less tense. I've also taken to applying Mint Thé Temple Balm to my pulse points when my anxiety is high, finding it fantastic at relieving some of that unwanted stress and anxiety. 

Without fail, every evening before bed I have been applying the Bodhi Cacao Lip Treatment Balm (SamsaraSkin*, 15g, £15) which has such a lovely scent. Working to repair and nourish lips, Cacao Lip Treatment is an ultra-balm packed with antioxidants and vitamins which work tirelessly to soothe and repair dry, cracked or chapped lips. The ingredients in this little beauty are just as impressive as the Mint Thé Temple Balm. Cacao Butter contains Cocoa Mass Polyphenol (CMP), which is a substance that inhibits the production of Immuno Globulin IgE, which can be aggravating to skin concerns such as dermatitis and eczema. Packed full of natural antioxidants Vitamin A, C and E, Cocoa Butter works to help the skin whilst also moisturising. Cacao Absolute, a comforting aphrodisiac oil, has a delicious scent of chocolate and works to increase the level of endorphins and serotonin in the brain, which improves mood. Murumuru Butter is a really moisturising and emollient ingredient, which has a unique composition of essential fatty acids and Pro-Vitamin A which together help to restore elasticity to damaged, weakened and aging skin, protecting and restoring elasticity and suppleness, whilst also working to soothe and heal. Illipe Butter is perfect for healing sores as well as mouth ulcers, as it reinforces the skins important lipidic barrier, with long-term moisturising and skin softening abilities. Red Raspberry Seed Oil helps to provide vital broad spectrum defence against free radicals, harmful UVA and UVB rays, with high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Omega 3 and Omega 6 working to moisturise, soften and nourish. Sea Buckthorn Oil contains 6 different fat soluble vitamins, 22 fatty acids, 42 kinds of lipids and 36 kinds of flavanoids, making it a powerful and potent ingredient which helps to combat wrinkles and dryness. Last but not least, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, which helps to maintain skin elasticity, repair tissue damage, reduce wrinkle formation and relieve dry skin. A softly sweet and fruity scent, this balm is my answer to dry, sore and chapped lips. The difference I've seen since using Cacao Lip Treatment, has been amazing. 

Have you tried Bodhi before? 

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