Avene Very High Protection Spray

16 Apr 2014

Avene Very High Protection Anti-Oxydant SPF50+
When I was younger, SPF was always a chore, with my mum insisting I wear it. White streaks covering my face on holiday, a sticky feeling all over my body and a determination that I didn't really need SPF, I was going in the sea where it would wash off, duh! Oh how wrong I was. For starters, SPF isn't just for holidays. Nope, SPF is for all year round, anywhere in the World, even when you can't see the sun. It's an important product that protects our skin from harm, ensuring soaking up the sun doesn't result in skin conditions, or worse, skin cancer. SPF isn't an evil product created by mums around the world to make you feel small and stupid. In fact, it's a hugely important aspect of anyones routine, at any age or of any gender. I've rambled on about facial SPFs before, and you can expect a round up post of my favourites on the blog very soon. But an SPF that you can use on your body? It's new territory for Tattooed Tealady.

Paraben, alcohol and silicone free, the Avene Very High Protection Spray SPF50+ (MrsPharmacy*, 200ml, £20) is formulated to protect our skin, from those who have skin which isn't overly sensitive but needs an extra bit of TLC, to those with hypersensitive, light or fair skin. Covering a broad spectrum UV protection using Avene's own exclusive active ingredients, this delightfully bright SPF spray offers high protection against UVB as well as short and long protect from UVA rays. There's some powerful ingredients in the mix, with Pre-tocopheryl, a Vitamin E precursor and highly effective and powerful anti-oxidant, which works effortlessly to protect our delicate skin from harmful free radicals. It's also rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water, which soothes as well as providing anti-irritating properties, all whilst being water-resistant and providing none of those unwanted white streaks! Application is effortless with the easy to use spray nozzle, and a quick massage into the skin leaves you with smooth, matte skin that's highly protected, and not a white mark in sight! The scent is fairly subtle, akin to that of usual SPFs but with a touch of floral to make it much more pleasant than other brands I have tried. 

A new staple in my body care routine? Definitely. With the beautiful blasts of sunshine we're having in England lately, SPF is a must and I never miss out my morning facial SPF. But protecting the skin on our bodies is just as important as the skin on our faces, and for me, I couldn't be without this product now. It's convenient, it's simple and yet so effective. 

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