Paint Pot musings

10 Apr 2014

MAC Pro-Longwear Paint Pots
There's just something about MAC which makes it hard for me to resist. Whether it's lipsticks, eye-shadows, MSFs or blushes, MAC is one of my most top rated brands. Paint Pots are one of those products that you hear bloggers and MUAs rave about all the time, but for me they were a product I was weary of trying. My experience of cream bases or shadows is minimal, with a steady collection of drugstore alternatives that are nice, but nothing special. Over the past year I've turned my attention to more high-end alternatives, to see if I could finally find a base that fits the bill, ticking all of my critical boxes whilst still working as a fantastic shadow and able to work with other products. 

My first MAC Paint Pot buy was a shade which caught my eye for how specially pretty it was in the pot. Let's Skate is a Pro-Longwear Paint Pot (Selfridges, £15), a delicate pale pink with a flattering golden shimmer running through. It applies really well, providing enough pigmentation teamed with a good, creamy formula, to create an opaque yet soft finish. Liking to build mine up when worn alone, or lightly applied if teaming with powder shadows as a base. The golden shimmer holds up really well, better than other shimmering culprits in my collection which seem to disappear (read, fall around my eyes) throughout the day. If MAC were to release a powder highlight akin to Let's Skate, I'd be sold.

Often mentioned as the MAC Paint Pot to buy, Painterly (Selfridges, £15), it wasn't long before I decided to try this coveted shade myself. At first, I wasn't smitten. The shade, a perfect warm, yellow toned beige, akin to that a touch warmer than your eyelids, just didn't seem right in formula. It sat in the back of my drawer for a while, then I decided to give it a go again - finding the formula much firmer and far easier to work with. It effortlessly provides a nice, smooth, neutral shade that can be worn alone as a natural wash of colour, or teamed with other favourites as an ideal base. Slightly firmer than Let's Skate, the matte finish and dreamy formula which has longevity like no other, have made Painterly one of my most reached for products.

Eclair is my one and only limited edition Paint Pot, and boy is it something special. Eclair is like no other shade in my collection, a luxurious chocolate brown with incredible copper undertones and a lovely touch of bronze shimmer. Perfect for any time of year, I adored it during the colder months and will surely be even more smitten come summer paired with bold bronzes, warm coppers and glittering golds. Heavenly.

I love pretty much everything about this little pots of perfect cream shadows. The packaging is spot on, there's a decent amount of product, 5g, which due to the quality of the product, means they're lasting a long while (just what I like with my high-end products, too!) and I think they're very reasonably priced. Although there's a humble 3 in my Paint Pot collection, I adore each shade and hope to add a couple more shades over the coming months. If you've tried Paint Pots, I'd love to know what your favourite shades are, do you love them as much as me?

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