The brush upgrade

14 April

A review of the Denman D81M Grooming Brush
Hair tools are something I don't invest in very often, especially when there's new beauty releases of cool, innovative and usual designs. But there's a very good reason I don't splurge on hair tools regularly; Denman. For me, there is no brand better for brushes than Denman; Denman brushes are the brushes my family have used for as long as I can remember, the brushes I trained in at hairdressing college, and the brushes I can always rely on. With a perfect design and the care put into manufacturing Denman brushes, they are some of the longest lasting brushes around and it'll be years and years before they need replacing. My old Denman brush has lasted well for almost ten years now, and although it is still like new, it was time to upgrade. 

Choosing a slightly larger brush than the one I am used to, I recently picked up the Denman D81M Grooming Brush (Boots, £9.79) Suitable for all hair types and any length of hair (but best for those with medium to long hair), the Grooming Brush using natural bristles with nylon quills to provide a smoothing and polishing action, as well as de-tangling, with it's classic air-cushioned rubber pad which offers gentle control. Resistant to heat, chemicals and with an ergonomic handle (which basically means it's very easy to hold and control), the Grooming Brush can be used from anything to brushing through wet or dry hair, styling, blow-drying and even straightening. The perfect brush at a purse-friendly price, that's gained pride of place on my dresser for the next ten years...

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  1. I've heard about Denman's brushes before, but I never actually considered a brush brand worthy of my interest.
    I recently got the Tangle Teezer and it works like a charm - this looks like it uses the same... technique, but with professional materials, if that makes any sense?

    Kat B - Katience

  2. I absolutely love Denman brushes, I've had one for years and years, probably since my teens and I need a new one but I just can't bare to be parted from it xx

  3. Those are exactly the types of brushes I love to use! And that one is quite affordable as well.

    Thanks for sharing!