The Sunday post # 13

30 March

The Sunday post # 13

What a difference a few days of sunshine makes. I feel cheerier, happier and more motivated to do things, I want to go outside and enjoy long picturesque, cliched walks in the sunshine. I want to go exploring, visit my favourite theme parks and have picnics in the Countryside. See, this is my problem when the sun shines out of a bout of horrible weather; I expect Summer, and immediately with no delay, and for all my favourite things to do on a hot day, to happen now (like yesterday, now) But the sunshine and extra motivation have helped me in sorting out a pretty solid schedule for the next couple of weeks. Instead of going out partying like it's 1999, I spent my Saturday at home writing posts (oh there's some good ones coming up this week!), as well as organising a full two week schedule including everything from Uni, work and blog. I feel so much better when I've done some much-need life organising, and it's spilled out into other areas of my life too, having had a full beauty reorganise this weekend. A lot of people have asked for a makeup collection post since we moved and I invested in some new storage, but because I'm not video savvy, when I share my makeup collection it will be one hell of a long post! I was thinking of splitting my collection up into several posts, focusing on a drawer at a time, as a photo of my bronzer, contour and highlight drawer over on Instagram this weekend seemed quite popular! It'd be a much more manageable way to share my collection, too. What do you think? 

I caved in to some beauty cravings over the weekend and placed a pretty decent Boots haul, which I am already counting down the days until my order arrives. Nothing high-end, all high-street, there's too many new beauty releases on the high-street that I've had my eye on and finally caved. I'll pop a haul post up when my order arrives, but there's lots of lip products and a couple of essentials! I'd love to know if there's anything you've picked up recently whilst shopping, or any online beauty deals to share! It's been ages since I properly indulged in beauty shopping, I want to know which products you think I should try! In the meantime I have a roast dinner to stick on, blog photographs to take and Uni work to catch up with. Have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. Love it, can't wait to see your Boots haul...I've spent too much time and money in there this week x

  2. The sun is a powerful thing isn't it!! Happy Sunday x

  3. It's surprising what a little bit of sunshine can do!


  4. I would love to see your beauty collection. A draw at a time sounds like a reasonable way to do it and will keep new readers hanging, wanting to come back!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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