The mid-week pamper # 11

12 Mar 2014

At home facial

For the past 48 hours I have noticed some changes to my skin, and not good changes, either. My chin is now home to an angry spot, something I always fear as they're a rare visitor for me. There's also another threatening to take place right below my nose, how lovely. I need to sort my skin out with products that are fast acting, effective, whilst still leaving my skin happy and seemingly glowing. With a trip to London tomorrow, the last thing I need is bad skin and this calls for some serious at-home pampering, with not one, but three face masks. Using three masks in one go might sound excessive, but often when you go for a facial more than one mask will be used, sometimes at the same time. It's an easy way to tackle a whole host of skin woes, and if you have lots of face masks stashed away like me, it's also a pretty good way to use up some of your never-ending products. 

First up a mask which has been in my stash for quite a few months now, one which had been on my wish-list purely for the positive reviews and cult status, the coveted Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque (CultBeauty, 60ml, £27) A purified clay mask, it's perfect for a deep cleanse as it works to draw out impurities, whilst Aloe Vera protects your skin and Rosehip and Parsley Seed extracts dose up your skin with skin-loving anti-oxidants which work to brighten and perfect. It's perfect for fighting off those pesky unwanted blemishes whilst also helping to ensure my skin is free of impurities, clearer and brighter as a result. For those wondering whether Parsley Seed really is worth all the hype? Yes, it really is.  

Next up to give my skin a proper boost of radiance, I've turned to a mask which has been a regular feature in my pamper routine and a firm favourite for almost a year now. The Balance Me Radiance Face Mask (LookFantastic, 75ml, £18, free delivery) works to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten with a unique, purifying blend of radiance enhancing natural ingredients. Ground Walnut Shells gently buff away any unwanted dead skin cells, smoothing the skin and encouraging cell renewal. Purifying Kaolin Clay works to remove impurities, whilst a bespoke blend of Fruit Acid Complex works to restore a healthy, radiant glow. All whilst Rosemary, Palma Rosa, Lavender and Roman Chamomile Oils smooth and soothe. It's a lovely mask and every time I use it, I'm left with skin that looks like new.

The final mask I have added into my mid-week pamper to renew and nourish is the Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Treatment Mask (BathandUnwind*, 100ml, £51) A mask which can be used for 20 minutes or even left on overnight, I've been turning to the Soothing Treatment Mask as my final mask when I do several masks in one go, for quite a while now. A highly intensive treatment which works with naturally active Sodium Hyaluronate and Millet Seed to intensely moisturise, nourish and plump your skin. There's Liquorice in the mix (which you can't smell, if like me you can't stand the stuff) and Cotton Thistle extract which together smooth the texture of your skin whilst supporting our skins important and delicate natural barrier against harmful free-radicals. My skin just looks happy after using this mask, and happy skin is what I always hope for! There's a cheeky offer on the Bath and Unwind website for a free Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower oil with any Aromatherapy Associates purchases £40 and over. Find out more here.

For each of these masks I have dug out a new Bodhi Bamboo Cotton Flannel (SamsaraSkin, £5), which I own quite a few of now and they have taken top place as my favourite for cleansing and mask removal. A sumptuously double-textured Bamboo Cotton flannel which can be used on both the face and body (I stick to using them on my face!) The rougher, textured side exfoliates, whilst the smooth cotton deep cleanses. Bamboo is a fantastic product to make flannels from, as it's naturally very soft as well as naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. My favourite.

Using these three masks and my favourite flannel, has fixed my skin no problem. My blemishes already look calmer, with a touch of Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel (Selfridges, 10ml, £14) before bed tonight they'll be long gone before tomorrow, just how I like it. What did you do for your mid-week pamper this week?

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