The Sunday post # 9

2 Mar 2014

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Sunday, oh how I have been looking forward to you! All week I have been promising myself that Sunday is going to be 'me' day. Since we moved it's been so hectic and we've always had someone visiting at some point every day, that it's nice at last to have just a day to my partner and I to do with as we please. Our day is starting with a super long lie-in - oh yes, as you read this post I am still tucked up in bed sound asleep. Or I will be until my alarm goes off at 10am, anyway. Then it's time to have a slow-paced day centred around pampering, cheesy movies and addictive TV shows, and lots of reading. I've been attempting to read A Game of Thrones for ages, but I've lost my rhythm with it and so I'm skipping between books right now. The book I'm looking forward to delving into today is a recent purchase spurred on by Laurie over at Blue Rinse. It was after reading Laurie's post to her own Happiness Project that I decided to order The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (TheBookDepository, £7.19) I've seen a few people talk about this bright and cheerfully titled book, and it had been on my 'to check out' list, but I have over 20 new books on my book case still waiting to be read, and I feel more guilty spending on more books when I have so many to read. Alas, I can never resist for long and it's finally in my possession; once I've given it a proper little read, I'll let you all know a little bit more about the book and what I think to it! 

Tuesday is pancake day, easily one of my favourite days of the year, I could eat pancakes everyday if I thought my body could cope with the sugar overload! As my partner is on 'lates' this week, we're having pancakes today (everyone needs to practice their flipping skills...) and on the morning of Pancake Day. We're also going to work together on a post with some recipes, so keep an eye out tomorrow when I'll be sharing our pancakes, just in time for you to make sure you have all the ingredients ready on Tuesday! On the theme of food, I've been going way overboard lately, like seriously over-eating. Particularly chocolate, and takeaways, and meals out... It's crazy the amount I've eaten over the past fortnight is a little sickening and I've noticed a weight gain without needing to see it on the scales. As of this morning I'm back on track, porridge for breakfast, a light brunch and then a nice Sunday dinner of sorts. I'm also working on a proper meal plan for this week to keep me organised and on top of what I'm eating. Expect another Weight Watchers/journey post soon!

How are you planning on spending your first Sunday of March?

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