Tattooed Tealady does Pancakes

3 Mar 2014

Tattooed Tealady Pancake Day Recipe
Tattooed Tealady Pancake Day Recipe
Tattooed Tealady Pancake Day Recipe

Tattooed Tealady Pancake Day Recipe
Pancake Day is easily one of my most favourite days of the year, although truth be known I'm sneaky and enjoy pancakes all year round. Every time Pancake Day comes around I am like a woman on a mission, making sure we have all the ingredients and toppings of choice to make sure we enjoy some tasty pancakes on the day! I know Pancake Day isn't officially until tomorrow, but as my partner works on shifts we've had a test run today and so I thought I'd share a post with you all about it! I am the worst at making pancakes, as you can see they're not the ideal shape and it's actually my partner who usually makes the pancakes in our home, but as I was doing a post about it he insisted I make them! We wanted to experiment and do some really cool and unusual toppings, but the delicious day came around quicker than we realised so we've stuck with good old sugar and lemon juice. I've book-marked tons of delicious and imaginative ideas from the Tefal Pancake Day Pinterest board though - some of the ideas are pure brilliance and every single recipe looks divine! 

When we moved into our new home I was contacted by Tefal and asked if I'd like some new pans for our new home, with perfect timing for us to make pancakes! I was sent three pans from Tefal, all of which can be used for anything from pancakes to dinners, each specially designed to be of the highest quality possible. The Tefal 28cm Ingenio Induction Frying Pan (John Lewis*, £38) is a non-stick pan which comes with a detachable handle, meaning the pan can be used both on the hob and in the oven. The Tefal 24cm Aluminium Superior Frying Pan (Debenhams*, RRP £26, sale price of £19.50) is also non-stick and comes with a unique thermospot technology (red circle in the center of the pan) which tells you when the pan is heated to optimum temperature. Last but not least, the Tefal by Jamie Oliver 10-year Anniversary 26cm Frying Pan (Very*, £25) which is a limited edition pan to celebrate 10 years of Jamie Oliver working with Tefal. With the limited edition design, the Jamie Oliver pan is non-stick and features the same fantastic thermospot technology. For our pancakes this morning I decided to use the Jamie Oliver pan - perfect for traditional pancakes. 

Simple Pancake Day Recipes - Serves 8 (2ppts per pancake for Weight Watchers)
100g plain or self-raising flour
300ml semi-skimmed milk
2 medium eggs
Mix the eggs and the milk together before whisking in the flour, et voila, you have pancake batter! 
Pop it in the fridge for 30 minutes to settle before heating your desired pan with a smidgen of vegetable oil (or butter, if you prefer)
Pour your pancake batter mix into the center of your pan; it will naturally spread and start to form the desired pancake shape, but I like to give the pan a little wiggle to get the batter everywhere I want it!
Cook for one minute per side, and don't forget to have fun flipping!

What's your favourite Pancake Day topping?

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