NYX Wicked Dreams

18 Mar 2014

NYX Wicked Dreams
NYX Wicked Dreams
I am a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette and for the past 18 months, my favourites have always been from high-end brands. I have quite a stash of drugstore eyeshadow palettes, but as the quality is usually far below that of my favoured high-end brands, they rarely get used. Don't get me wrong, I love a good drugstore product, but as well as oily skin I also have oily eyelids, which means I need a product with some oomph that will last all day with no worry of creasing, fading or smudging. I had almost all but given up on drugstore brands for shadows, until NYX Wicked Dreams (NYX*, £15) came into my life, that is. 

A 24 shadow palette, Wicked Dreams has every shade you could imagine, making it the perfect palette for travelling, as well as the perfect palette to reach for on a daily basis. With everything from neutrals for the basic everyday look, blues and greens with a jewel like depth that would look perfect for a winter look, stunning golden bronzes ideal for summer and some of the most gorgeous highlight shades perfect for anything from a natural eye to a smokey eye, chocolate browns and pale peaches, Wicked Dreams has every shade you could need. I've used this palette to create day-time looks, which it works fantastically well for, but it really shines through for night-time looks, with so many beautiful, deeper, warmer shades that blend effortlessly through the crease. There is a touch of fallout when using Wicked Dreams, but nothing major, and the powder eyeshadows differ in quality; the matte shades are perfect but don't always have the best colour pay-off, the shimmer shades are buttery soft and the more daring shades have massives of pigmentation. Only one shade is difficult to blend; the black. But other than that? I'm pretty smitten with this palette. A good eyeshadow primer is a must, ensuring shadows stay in place and to avoid creasing, but even without a primer, these shadows have some lasting power!

It's been less than a year since I first started dabbling in NYX, a brand I have lusted after for many years thanks to all the American beauty YouTubers I follow! Everything I have tried has been really great and surpassed my expectations. Usually eyeshadow palettes cost me at least £30, usually for only a third of the shades available in this palette. £15 for 24 shadows in a fairly decent sized palette, is a bargain... 

You can pick up NYX online and in NEXT stores nationwide. 

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