Introducing Candelabox

6 Mar 2014

If beauty and lifestyle boxes weren't enough, there's a monthly subscription service set to steal the hearts of candle adorers nationwide. Candelabox is a monthly subscription service which specialises in providing high-end, beautifully scented and crafted candles. Working with brands from all over the world, Candelabox chooses invoking, invigorating and harmonious scents to please any candle fan, all beautifully packaged and delivered straight to your door. Signing up is simple; you fill out a profile and select the subscription package you'd like, before picking the scent which most represents your tastes. 

There's a few different ways to subscribe; a monthly roll-on subscription costs £24.90/$29.90 a month plus delivery, you can subscribe to a three month subscription for £66.75/£80.75, saving £7.96/$8.95 plus delivery, or a one time only box* (perfect way to try Candelabox!) for £28.90/$34.90, plus delivery. The price of each box is more than those of you who subscribe to monthly beauty boxes will be used to, but the price reflects the extremely high-quality products and high-end brands included, as well as the dedication and passion which goes into these boxes, the presentation, the style and the delivery. Candelabox provides full sized candles every time, no samples in sight.

Once you've decided which subscription best suits you and signed up to Candelabox, you are presented with a scent profile. Once you pick your desired scent, this is the scent theme each of your boxes will have; there's Fresh and Fruity, Soft and Floral, Spicy and Oriental, Warm and Woody, Crisp and Clean. Personally, I feel the scent ranges work so well, with the perfect variety between the ranges to suit a variety of tastes and styles. Upon arrival, the Candelabox is beautifully presented, wrapped in a luxurious silk ribbon bow and your new candles delicately and safely packaged inside. 

I was kindly offered to try Candelabox for myself, and the scent profile I opted for was Fresh and Fruity. Having spent the winter months burning winter scents, I was ready for something uplifting and refreshing, instead of cosy. When my Candelabox arrived I was really wowed by the presentation; there's a lot of attention to detail and I also really love the Candelabox box of matches which came in the box, even sorting out your lighting needs! The candles themselves? Well, let's just say I've been wowed by scents before but these? The scents absolutely blew me away and I couldn't believe how utterly stunning each candle was. So what were these invoking scents? 

The Vigneto e Castello Acqua Dolce Candle (worth £18.92) came all the way from Florence and has a stunning scent of Water Lily and Vetiver, with subtle notes of Hyacinth. Made from a blend of Beeswax, Coconut and Soy Wax, the Vigneto e Castello candles use Ecoluxe-wax, making them natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. The scent is very fresh, very clean and a scent that when lit, is incredibly uplifting. The Dunbar Sloane Summer House Candle (worth £21.57) comes from a local London brand and is also an Ecoluxe-wax candle with a blend of Beeswax, Coconut and Soy Wax, with undoubtedly one of the most incredible scents I have ever come across. I can't find exact scent information, but it's described as the perfect scent for a 'lazy afternoons lounging in the summer house with iced tea and teak wood'. To me, it smells incredibly sweet, whilst also managing to be incredibly light and refreshing. Neither candle are over-powering, both just absolutely breath-taking. 

Do I think Candelabox is worth giving a go? Yes! If it's within your budget, I think it's well worth checking out even if just for the one-off box. I personally will be popping Candelabox into our monthly budget because I just cannot get over how phenomenal these scents were and I'm hooked on Candelabox already! The cost of a one-off box is easily covered by the contents - my duo are worth £40.39 - £11.59 more than the cost of the box itself. Everything from the scents, the candles, the brands, the packaging, the attention to detail and the sheer luxury of Candelabox, I'm so impressed! 

Would you give Candelabox a go?

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