A Lush Mother's Day

25 Mar 2014

Lush Mother's Day Collection

Lush are famous for their fun and quirky bath time products, and their Mother's Day collection, with limited edition products, definitely fits the bill with a whole host of delicious and gorgeously scented ways to treat your mum this Mother's Day. For those mums who love to pamper, or need a little encouragement to stop and relax, the Lush Mother's Day collection is perfect.

When I spotted Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar (Lush*, £3.95), you should have seen my face light up! I love when Lush use their glorious gold glitter in their products, because although they can make a bath messy, it is so much fun settling down into a gold filled bath. Said to have been inspired by all the powerful, strong wonder women out there (I'm looking at you, mums of the world!), Wonder Woohoo is a bubble bar covered in gold lustre, with the scent of Sun Gorilla Perfume (Lush, 10ml-100ml, £10-£40), a scent I added to my collection this time last year, a scent I just cannot get enough of. With Mimosa Absolute, which is obtained from Acacia Decurrens, a shrub native to eastern New South Wales, Australia, Sandalwood Oil and Brazillian Orange Oil, Wonder Woohoo smells good enough to eat. The gold sparkling outside is met with a silverly trial on the inside, a magical bubble bath for magical mums. Bubble bars can be used all in one go, or crumbled under running water a bit at a time. I usually get four baths out of a Lush bubble bar.

Inhale Exhale (Lush*, £3.25) is a bath bomb with two halves, both of which have been formulated to bubble away at different speeds. Formulated with Lush's Breath of God Gorilla Perfume (Lush, £7-£33), with a beautiful soft, light and fruity scent. The Inhale size will fizz away quickly, enveloping you in Neroli, Rose, Vetivert and Ylang Ylang, whilst you lay back and relax. Exhale fizzes away at a slower pace, with an intense, woody and smoky aroma of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber and a hint of Grapefruit Oil. A beautiful combination of scents. 

Tulip (Lush*, £5.25) is such a fun product! A reusable bubble bar formulated with essential oils akin to Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (Lush, £3.25) with Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage as well as Tonka Absolute. In the shape of a lovely tulip flower, Tulip will last longer than any bunch of flowers and is the perfect excuse to delve into a big hot bath of gorgeously scented bubbles.

Last but not least, the beautiful and adorable Rose Bubble Bar (Lush*, £2.95) created to look like a rose bud with a cute little green leaf. With a scent akin to Amandopondo Bubble Bar (Lush, £2.75) with Rose Absolute, Lemon Oil and Cocoa Butter. A light yet delicious floral fragrance, Rose is formulated with natural shimmers and effortlessly fills your bath with skin-softening bubbles. Perfect.

Could Mother's Day get any more delicious? I doubt it. What's your favourite piece from the collection? You can find out more about the rest of the Lush Mother's Day collection online and in-store. 

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