The mid-week pamper # 13

28 Mar 2014

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Boosting Masks
This week's mid-week pamper post is pretty late, but I indulged in my usual mid-week pamper on Wednesday, giving my face a real treat with the new Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks (Boots*, Pack of 4, £19.99) As someone who uses Hydraluron Moisture Booster (Boots, 30ml, £24.99) and Nanoblur (Boots, 30ml, £19.99) as a regular part of my routine, I was really excited by the news of a new Indeed Labs product, even more so when the new Hydraluron Boosting Masks promised to give my dehydrated skin everything it craves, all in one relaxing mask. I was kindly sent a box to try, making it the perfect excuse to lie back and relax for this week's mid-week pamper, and a great chance to see what all the fuss is about. As with all of Indeed Labs products, these new sheet masks have been absolutely raved about in the blogging world, but are they worth the hype?

Using the masks is simple, although not everyone will be a fan of the sheet mask method. Personally, I like sheet masks, particularly when you come across a great-quality mask which isn't too thick nor heavy, but feels comfortable on the skin and doesn't leave that claustrophobic feeling. After cleansing, you simple pop the sheet mask - which comes all in one sheet opposed to different sections as some sheet masks do - on your face, lie back, relax, and wait for Indeed Labs to work their magic. Indeed Labs promise you will see immediate, short and long term effects from using the Hydraluron Moisture Booster Masks. Immediate effects will leave your skin immediately more hydrated, smoother, softer and plumper, with short-term effects restoring natural skin's radiance, leaving your skin glowing and dewy. The long-term effects of a skincare product are always what I look out for the most, and Indeed Labs promise their sheet masks, with regular use, will increase moisture levels in the skin and help your skin retain moisture levels for longer. Perfect masks for my dehydrated skin, and anyone out there who needs an intense boost of moisture.

Each pack contains four masks which are individually packaged, making it very easy to use just one mask at a time without worrying about a pack of open sheet masks. Being individually wrapped, they are also perfect for travelling and could easily be popped in your suitcase if you were off for a short break or weekend away. The sheet masks themselves are very moist, as is the way with sheet masks, with the important skin-loving ingredients moistening the masks which then gets quickly drunk up by your skin. Providing you with the perfect chance to just stop and relax on a busy day - with a sheet mask on, standing is near impossible. After use, a recommend 15 minutes (although sometimes I leave sheet masks on longer, especially if in the bath), you simply peel away the mask from your face. 

Once removed I noticed my skin felt and looked plumper, with a slightly brighter complexion from my skin soaking up the moisture boosting ingredients. The redness I suffer with in the center of my forehead was dramatically calmer, which I am still seeing now two days on, and my skin also still feels plump. I haven't noticed a dewy look to my skin, but for someone with both oily and dehydrated skin, dewy can be hard to achieve. My skin definitely feels more hydrated, both straight after use and now, two days on, but it's long-term use of the masks which will tell me whether the long-term claims are true. Indeed Labs suggest using a Hydraluron Boosting Mask once a week, which for a pack of four adds £20 to your beauty bill each month. Personally, I think you could get away with using these with longer gaps in between, say a fortnight between uses, although it's important to remember their recommended use is weekly. Would I repurchase? Yes, but I'm more likely to repurchase when Indeed Labs is on 1/3 off in Boots (which it currently is, making these masks just £13.33) I like them, more so than the original Hydraluron Moisture Booster, a sucker for a good mask. Must have? If they're within your budget, I'd definitely recommend giving them a go.

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