The impulse buy

10 Mar 2014

Chantecaille Save the Sharks
Chantecaille Save the Sharks
Makeup can be fun and creative, but sometimes I come across something that really catches my eye, something I can't stop thinking about whenever I'm shopping and something I can't bare to part with the money for - as it's usually very expensive. That is how the story went with the stunning Chantecaile Save the Sharks Palette (Liberty, £75) as I lusted after it whenever near a Space NK, but the price for a quad was just too much for me. I thought it was out of my sights and would always be 'the product I never had'. And then the Space NK sale happened... Not only was it on sale, but at half price! How could I resist? I ordered one without a seconds thought and instantly felt excited to finally get my hands on it. 

What's so special about this palette, you might wonder? I fell in love with this palette because sharks are my favourite creatures. I'm a self confessed geek who adores reading and anything nature, earth and space related (don't laugh) and from a very young age sharks have always been my favourite. So much so, I have two tattooed on me, one of which is pretty big! As soon as I laid eyes on this palette I started mentally picturing it as part of my makeup collection. I know a lot of people are afraid of sharks, but I just see them as incredible examples of nature at its best. The palette was designed and chosen for Chantecaille to show support to the charities which work to protect sharks around the world. 5% of proceeds from each palette sold go straight to BLOOM Association, which is a charity working towards banning the shark fin trade which kills thousands of sharks every year. Of course, 5% of £75 isn't much, in fact as little as £3.75. But it's still a charitable donation that they didn't have to make, but wanted to. If you'd like to find out more about the BLOOM Association, you can do so here

Part of the Chantecaille Spring Collection 2013, the Save the Sharks palette consists of four powder products in a sturdy casing with compact mirror. The colour of the case is akin to that of many sharks' skin, which is the theme throughout the palette. Each individual pan within the quad has the same simple yet beautifully embossing which portrays water and shark fins. I really like that each has the same embossing, as it keeps it simple yet effective in displaying the charity Chantecaille are supporting. Starting with Great White in the top left, coincidently my favourite shark, we have a glistening yet subtle highlight shade. Great White is a pale, fine shimmer white with a sandy beige with the deeper shade wonderful as an all over wash of colour on my lids, whilst the white I sweep across my brow-bone as highlight. It's also just the right colour that it's perfect for the inner corner and cupids bow, too. Grey Reef is a shadow, a warm glistening sandy beige with a glistening grey with slight golden undertones, which is lovely all over the lid or with a touch more intensity in the crease to give a look a bit of oomph. You could create a look with the two Grey Reef shades alone, no problem. 

Black Tip features two of the more striking shades in the quad, a deep and enticing ocean blue with a pure jet black. Either can be used as a liner, but I've also used these as shadows as well and love the effect they give. The final shade in the quad is a cheek product. Sea Anemone is a blush which features a vibrant pinky coral with golden undertones working with a paler, delicate pink. The combined shade is something pretty special, and I am using it very sparingly, to ensure it lasts a while! The Save the Sharks palette has massively impressed me, surpassed any expectations with beautiful shades, heavenly powder formulas and colours that shine through with impressive pigmentation. Although I know it's inevitable, I wish the embossing and separate colours were going to stay so pretty forever, but I suspect with more and more use, they will soon become one shade! My first Chantecaille product, which has definitely left me eager to try more... 

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