February TheVeganKind box

18 February

February TheVeganKind box

February TheVeganKind box
February TheVeganKind box
Anyone who is subscribed to a monthly subscription service, whether it be a beauty box or a lifestyle box, will know that each month you eagerly await the arrival of your chosen box and pray that it'll be a good one. TheVeganKind only started out at the end of last year, with the February box* being the fourth. Yet every single box has been amazing and warmly welcomed by my whole family, and each month we are left over-joyed by the contents. Most boxes can be mediocre at best, a few good products a month but a few you won't use. TheVeganKind has produced incredible boxes month in and month out, with each new box being even better than the one before. A lifestyle subscription service for vegans and everyone in between, that just keeps getting better. The February box had me delighted as soon as I opened it - and I stopped what I was doing to photograph it there and then, so I could delve in to the truly delicious contents! Let's see what's inside shall we?

The first thing I noticed was a bag of Raw Kale Baobab & Onion Chips (inSpiral Lounge, 30g, £2.19) which I was really excited to see, as I often make my own kale crisps and think they are a fab, healthy and nutritious snack. They were delicious, and I ate the bag in two parts as they are so flavourful that a whole bag at once was too much. I really loved them, but, the price for me is not realistic and it's the only reason I won't be repurchasing. I can make my own for a fraction of the price. Worth giving a go? Definitely if your budget allows it! The next food related item I spotted really had me excited, from a brand I have been eager to try for a while now but as of yet, haven't got around to placing an order. The Sweet Freedom Choc Shot (Waitrose, 320g, £3.59) is a delicious and natural product which can be used for anything from hot chocolate, to baking, popping in your porridge or whatever your chocolate-heart desires! This has been a delicious treat for my partner and I and it's pushed me to finally give more products from Sweet Freedom a go! My favourite way to use this is as chocolate spread on toast, or as hot chocolate! 

Next up my eyes were drawn to a clear bag filled with delicious golden chunks. When I realised it was a bag of Cinder Toffee (1066 Cake Stand, 100g, £1.99) I was that eager to try it that I sneaked a few chunks out before photographing. My partner and I finished the bag in no time, and both think it is easily the best cinder toffee we have ever had. Repurchase? 100%! I need this in my treat cupboard, constantly! Next up, more food, a delicious Blackcurrant Braw Bar (Braw Food, pack of 8, £6.99) which I actually found really tasty and I wouldn't mind picking up a box to have for when out and about, sticking one in my handbag if I know I'll be out a while instead of grabbing a less-than-healthy snack on-the-go! The final product in the box is the one and only beauty product for the February box, but from a brand I adore and was really happy to see had teamed up with TheVeganKind for the February box. The Organic Surge Sugared Almond Shower Gel (Organic Surge, 250ml, £4.35) has a delicious but subtle scent, which I can't wait to start using. I've tried many Organic Surge shower gels in the past and I love them (I love all of their products, actually!) and this is a new scent for me, so it was a perfect addition to the box!

Yet again I am chuffed with the contents. TheVeganKind is a monthly lifestyle subscription service for vegans costing just £10 a month plus £2.95 post and packaging. Find out more on the TheVeganKind website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

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  1. sounds like a really interesting service, loving the loom of that liquid chocolate :3

  2. The chips and choc shot look amazing! :)

  3. I would sign up for this even though I'm not a vegan, a really good way to try new things I would never normally go for xxx

  4. I need the choc shot!


  5. These boxes always look amazing! I love that you get food and beauty products etc in your box. It's seems incredible value too! Alice xx

  6. This box looks brilliant! Will be looking into it more :)


  7. Liquid chocolate... munch!



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