The Sunday post # 6

9 Feb 2014

The first full week of February has turned out to be quite the exciting week! We handed in the application for the house on Monday, and by Thursday we knew the house was ours! We move in next Friday, Valentine's Day, so it's been hectic as we don't have very long to pack and get ready. It also means we've had to cancel our Valentine's Day plans, but I can't wait to be in our new home with a takeaway instead! I've spent the past few days ordering everything we need for the new house, running to Argos in the rain to buy all of our kitchen electrical's, as thankfully they have a sale on at the moment, and booking moving vans. I haven't had a chance to start packing yet, but I'm going to tackle that from tomorrow as I have a ton of uni work to be getting on with too. We're going to be without a sofa for a while, but we finally decided on one from the DFS sale and it'll take four weeks to arrive, but I'm smitten with the sofa we went for. I have also finally ordered my new makeup storage and makeup desk. I went for the IKEA Malm Chest of 6 Drawers and the IKEA Malm White Dressing Table with a glass top. I also want to add the Malm White Chest of Drawers later down the line when we have some spare cash for more furniture, as they'd be great for clothes and/or work storage! Luckily, other than the sofa which we will have a wait for, we have everything we need. I can't wait to go 'home' shopping for all the more decorative pieces, cushions, nicer curtains, ornaments and nic-nacs.

Despite it only been February, I'm already thinking about summer and the line ups for festivals I go to year in and year out. With moving into our own home, doing two full camping weekend festivals this summer is really not on the cards, so we're putting Leeds off until 2015, and debating whether to do the same with Sonisphere. Although I really want to go to Sonisphere this year because Iron Maiden (best band in the world!) are headlining, as well as it being the first Sonisphere since their unexpected (but slightly predictable) demise in 2012. One festival we are definitely doing and putting money aside for, is Download. We live 15 minutes away, so we're going for at least one day and getting the bus there and back! We're 100% going on the Friday, for Rob Zombie, who is pretty much my favourite artist, ever. I've seen him live twice, both at the front, his shows are incredible and I've never seen an artist live like Zombie before! If you're a festival go-er too, let me know who you're excited to see this summer!

This week I also took part in #TimetoTalk, which was such a wonderful success. I shared my own #TimetoTalk post, but have been reading posts every day since by searching on the hashtag, and it is so wonderful to see so many people talking openly about their mental health.  

Today I'm going to try and grab the few hours I have to relax and enjoy a traditional Sunday dinner, before a hectic week of juggling packing with work and moving home.... Happy Sunday lovelies! 

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