The Sunday post # 5

2 Feb 2014

The Sunday post # 5

It has been an eventful week. We showed interested in the Cottage I mentioned before, but other people had asked for the property too and it ended up going to them. I thought I would have been really devastated, as I had my hopes on it but when it was all done and dusted, I was just eager to get house hunting again. We made another two appointments for viewings, one for a really modern, spacious, wooden flooring throughout. But from the outside the property wasn't so nice and it was only a flat, so we wanted to look at more houses. We viewed a lovely house this Friday and we really liked it. It's a great size, in the exact location we wanted and a fairly new, spacious and modern house. Here's hoping this time next week, I can say yes, we've got it!

I've realised this week how moving is just on the horizon and am I excited? No, I'm stressing about packing and the actual moving process! For example, I have three bookcases in my room. One is for DVDs and the other two are all books. Books aren't light! Neither are book cases, especially when the shelves are crammed with new books I keep buying before I've read others. I've started going through everything I own and putting to one side things which could go to the charity shop, other things to go straight in the bin, and I'm trying to organise what I have. This has resulted in a shelf of my most loved and favourite reads, and reminiscing over stories I love. Books from when I was a child through til now, books that I could read over and over. When we do move and have everything set up, I may do a book-case tour sort of post, if any of you would be interested in a post like that? Let me know!

I've also been organising my makeup. At the moment my makeup is housed in Muji and cheaper acrylic storage, and the top drawer of a chest of drawers. I can't tell you how excited I am to have a proper dressing table and storage when we move. Sorting through everything I have has inspired some collection posts, so expect a few of those coming up! As we're now in February, I'm looking forward to a few things despite the cold winter weather. Valentine's day is coming up, and February feels like we're finally edging towards spring. It can't come quick enough! 

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