The coveted NARS Narsissist eyeshdow palette

1 Feb 2014

NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette

Probably one of the most talked about products of 2014 so far, the NARS Narsissist palette (John Lewis, £50) is back on sale, and my own order arrived recently meaning I can give you a full review of this coveted palette. This palette has been talked about a lot and I'll admit, I went a little bit crazy over it. Before I'd even seen swatches or any images I knew I was going to want it. I really rate the texture, quality, pigmentation and longevity of NARS eyeshadows, finding them a dream to work with. In the past the eyeshadows I have tried from NARS have all been my limited edition 6-pan palettes. The news of a 15-pan eyeshadow palette had me obsessed, then to see the shade range? Swoon, from neutral nudes to sultry darks, the NARsissist palette is stunning. When the price was released I was surprised. I'd expected it to be at least over £60, and I think £50 is pretty decent. I know it's not a splurge buy that everyone can afford, and I'm going to go through my palettes stash to try find some drugstore alternatives to share with you all, but if you can afford it, it's hard to resist. 

Instead of paying £18 per single eyeshadow, you're spending £50 to get a palette that's worth £91.80 (each shadow is worth £6.12), that lets you try the most popular shades in one. It's travel friendly; the palette has the usual NARS design in a sleek rubber like palette that's slim and perfect for travelling or on the go. There's a compact mirror which is big enough to do your whole makeup if need be and the shades are fairly decently sized, coming in at .85g each compared to the usual 2.2g for NARS singles. For me the shade range is perfect, the shades you'd expect in a neutrals palette but then some stunning deeper, warmer and more sultry shades which would create a beautiful smoky eye. I've never been one for the natural look and my eyes are where I play with makeup the most - for me, it's one hell of a dreamy palette. Not all of the shades are amazing, some lack in colour pay off but for the most part, the shadows are a winner.

NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette
The first row has an array of shades which I feel would be super wearable by a variety of skin tones. All About Eve #1 is a beige with pink undertones that transfers well. It's very, very close to my natural skin tone, but with a frost finish and works nicely as a base shadow to disguise any discolouration or tired eyes. Madrague #2 is a soft brown sand shade with a matte finish; the colour pay-off isn't the best but for a wash of colour of the lids, it'd work well. Fez is where the shades start to get some oomph, with a warm toned bronze that has touches of copper; this shade works so well for a pop of colour. Amazing colour pay off, a gorgeous frost finish and one of the star shades in the palette for me. Bali is a gorgeous chocolate brown, which has a matte finish, the colour pay-off is good and it can be easily built up. Coconut Grove is already a favourite NARS shade of mine, a lovely warm, deep rich brown with a matte finish, lovely for a more everyday shade to create a smoky eye. 

On the second row we start with Madrague #1, a lovely warm toned cream which works well as an all over shade, nicer in fact than All About Eve as Madrague #1 is a matte shade with fantastic colour pay-off. Nepal is a stunning rose pink with a frost finish which I have loved for the inner corner when I have used Ashes to Ashes for a pop of colour, which has the same frost finish and is a lovely lavender brown. Brousse #2 is a much deeper shade; a dark black violet with a satin finish. The colour pay off is good, but I think this one looks better built up for more impact. Mekong is absolutely stunning, easily one of my favourite shades in the palette. A deep brown with warm undertones and tiny shimmer which sets this shade off beautifully. Despite the shimmer, the shade is pretty matte and very easy to work with.

The final row really perfects this palette for me. Bellissima #1 surprised me as in the pan it looks like a standard off-white highlight, but the shade itself is a very, very pale pink with a beautiful addition of tiny iridescent glitter. It is stunning! Very smitten with this shade. Lhasa is a cool taupe with lavender undertones and great pigmentation - the colour pay off is fab and it has a beautiful frost finish. Bad Behaviour is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The perfect slate shade with a frost finish, this is the shade for all those who aren't brave enough to go for a deep black in the crease, and boy does it work well in the crease! Dogon #2  looks like a deep navy in the pan but on the skin it's more of a glittering charcoal. Last but not least, Pandora #2, an expected matte black shade. A matte black shadow is a must-have for me; they can be used as shadows, lightly for the brows and even as liner. 

I adore the Narsissist palette and I'm so glad I picked it up. In the time of writing this post it's already sold out on the John Lewis website, but if you're eager to get your hands on this palette bookmark this post as I will update as and when it's back in stock, and available on other websites/in store!

Update 01/02 5:30pm: Narsissist is also available on Harvey Nichols but it's sold out there as well as John Lewis. You can however pick it up direct from NARS counters (not including Space NK) Will let you all know when it's back in stock and where else you can pick it up! You can also try and grab it online on Selfridge's when it is back in stock.

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