Lime Crime Lipstick Collection

8 Feb 2014

Lime Crime Lipstick Collection
Lime Crime is a brand I am always drawn to for the unique, stand out packaging and bright, intense colours across the ranges. Their lipsticks are adored for their purple and holographic packaging which come in incredible shades and feature a unicorn - have you ever seen lipstick packaging like it?! Today I wanted to share my Lime Crime lipstick collection, which isn't the biggest collection, but each and every shade is one I adore and turn to regularly to finish off a look. Lime Crime lipsticks are incredibly dreamy. Each has a lovely creamy formula that glides on effortlessly with intense, opaque colour. The colour pay-off for all Lime Crime products I have tried, is intense. Long-lasting, you rarely need to re-apply and a lip liner is rarely necessary. 

The first Lime Crime lipstick I added to my collection was Retrofuturist, a true cherry red with blue undertones that looks not too dissimilar to MAC Ruby Woo, but with more oomph and a nicer finish. This is easily one of my favourite red lipsticks because the finish is beautiful; a natural shine that's not quite glossy, but a shine that boosts thecolour beautifully. Countessa Fluorescent was a shade spurred on by the popular MAC Candy Yum Yum, which I personally feel is a touch too bright against my Mediterranean complexion; I wanted a bright pink lipstick, but I wanted one which wouldn't made me look like I'd painted it on. Countessa Fluorescent is a blue toned neon pink that has such a creamy formula, it leaves me smitten every time. It's bright, very bright, but the blue undertones are flattering and it has just the right hint of softness to it to turn it from harsh, to darn right gorgeous. Geradium is a shade I picked up due to the sheer hype around it when it first hit the UK and boy am I glad I did; a beautiful and very wearable coral pink. The perfect spring pink.

There's two nudes in my Lime Crime lipstick collection, finding myself drawn to nude shades from any brand I try. A nude lip is the universal easiest lip colour to wear, a necessity for any makeup collection and perfect for any occasion. Coquette is a super pale nude with peach undertones that I adore, but I reserve for the winter as when my skin is darker in the warmer months, this can look just a touch too light. I think this would make the perfect warm nude for paler beauties and would look super flattering! Babette is the pinkier cousin to Coquette, a pastel coral nude that's unlike any other nude I own, or coral for that matter. Last but not least the most recent addition to my Lime Crime lipstick collection and another purchase inspired by the excited buzz around it when it hit the UK, Poisonberry. Poisonberry is a violet, purple berry that is a very bold shade to wear. Think squashed blackcurrants and you're on the right track. This is so new to my collection, I actually haven't worn it yet - but when I do, I can't wait to team it with MAC Nightmoth lip liner!

There's a few more shades I want to add to my collection (OK, practically every shade), as well as dabbling in more Lime Crime products on a whole. Have any recommendations? Leave them below! Lime Crime lipsticks are available from CutECOcosmetics and CocktailCosmetics, £12.50 (shade availability differs between sites)

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