The Sunday Post # 4

26 Jan 2014

Eyeshadow Palettes
Oh Sunday, how I've been looking forward to you! This past week has been super busy. For a change, nothing much Uni related (I'm avoiding reading after some serious overloading on journals and textbooks), but a busy week nonetheless. I had some good news this week, which has definitely kept me upbeat and motivated throughout the week, even when I've felt exhausted! Wednesday was spent in London; a much needed catch up with a friend, including a cheeky bit of Selfridge's shopping and a couple of impulse MAC purchases. I also got the chance to catch up with the lovely team at REN alongside some fab bloggers, at the #InsideREN event. I've been road testing a few new products to join the REN skincare range which are being released between now and March. Two in particular have really blown me away, so keep an eye out for those reviews if you're a fellow REN adorer. 

I have spent the past couple of days playing with some new blogging equipment, so much so that I haven't done much else since they arrived. I ordered a soft-box lighting kit and a tripod from Amazon, and it's harder getting used to them than I thought it would be. Alongside learning how to make my set up work for me, I have had the talented Amy from Srsly Dsgn putting together a whole new look for my blog. There's still a few little tweaks to be made, but most of the major changes have been made now and I'm pretty excited to have a fresh, new look for the blog. I have loved each and every blog design I have had, but it felt like it was time to smarten things up, make everything a little bit more professional and simplistic. Amy has been absolutely wonderful in creating the look I was hoping for, I highly recommend Srsly Dsgn if you're looking to spruce your own blog up! 

So, has anything changed with this new look? Not much - you can still easily navigate Tattooed Tealady, in fact, getting around the blog should now be a lot easier! The general look of my blog has had a clean up, with the bright and bold blue gone and replaced with a more simple black. Under my new header you'll see lots of pages linked - these will make getting directly to the kind of posts, or pages, you want to see easier. Want to see all of my skincare posts in one place? Just click on 'SKINCARE' underneath my header! I now also have a footer - with links at the bottom of my blog, too. My sidebar has had a little move around, and I've opted to go for the 'read more' way of posting - from now on to see a full post, you'll need to click read more to be taken to the full post. This just makes the home page of the blog a little less cluttered and easier and quicker for you to go through reviews, rather than scrolling and scrolling. I'm really chuffed with the new look and I can''t wait for the final little tweaks to be made. 

Let me know what you've been getting up to - and what you think to the new design! I'd love to hear your thoughts! With February just around the corner, I'm going to spend the rest of today practicing for Pancake Day....

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