The Sunday Post # 2

12 Jan 2014

We're about to start the second week of January, creeping towards the middle of the month, and already I feel like 2014 is running far ahead of me. Usually January is fairly quiet on the plans front, but it's super go, go, go on everything else, especially in getting organised again and back into a schedule. This week was a tough one, but if there's anything I've taken from it, it's to enjoy life more, appreciate who and what I have and never take anything for granted. Too often I rush through life, often forgetting to enjoy even the little things. Over the past couple of days I've felt more positive again and with that has returned a touch of the motivation and enthusiasm I lost over the festive period, when I was much more interested in which beauty Christmas set was on offer. I came across a really lovely blog this week thanks to Harriet (Make Up Your Mind) who shared the link over on Twitter. Advanced Style is like no style or fashion blog I have ever come across before, and I found it such a refreshing, fun and overall a real happy-emotions inducing blog. 

I've come across some fantastic online articles over the past few days, which are just what I need for a boost and pick me up. NEOM have released their first ever, and completely free, quarterly magazine and this issue is all about happiness; aptly named The Happiness Issue. It's a lovely read, and doesn't just recommend NEOM products but includes articles, interviews and more all aimed around happiness. Another online read I've loved is from the Birchbox UK blog which is all about beating away any unwanted colds. I've not been feeling 100% the past few days so this was a fab read for me and made me dig out my treasured Aromatherapy Associates oils; Revive Morning is working a treat today to keep me feeling refreshed. 

Today is going to be spent nicely divided between writing blog posts for the coming week, and the most stereotypical duvet day you can imagine. There's lots coming up on the blog this week with makeup, skincare, body care and hair care reviews, as well as a couple more new features. There's been so many new features so far and I hope you're all enjoying them. As of next month these new features won't look so new, so I can stop saying 'this is another new feature' in every post! This week also brings a stop to the more quiet side of January, with some plans with friends, appointments and events coming up, my diary is getting nicely full. Getting up early will be easier though, thanks to this adorable little Benefit Pore O'Clock mini clock I received, along with some other fab Benefit goodies. With an alarm clock this loud, I doubt I'll be sleeping in again!

If you have any exciting plans this week or posts going up, let me know! It's time for me to stick a cheesy movie marathon on and indulge in a hot chocolate. How will you be spending your Sunday? 

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