The perfect contour with Benefit Hoola

11 Jan 2014

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Let's be honest - everyone needs a reliable matte bronzer, and they're pretty hard to find. Few bronzers are as popular as Benefit Hoola (Benefit, 8g, £23.50), a bronzer I have never been quite able to resist. My first try of Benefit Hoola came from a Christmas gift set of Benefit favourites in mini form, and the mini Hoola is still going strong with plenty of product left even after a year's use. I recently had some Debenham's vouchers burning a hole in my pocket and I figured my mini Hoola was due an upgrade. Do you ever use a sample size for so long, and you're so eager to buy the full size but you tell yourself to wait until the sample size is finished? Well that was my original plan with Hoola, to finish the mini before indulging in the full size. The plus side to having two means the mini will now be the perfect, permanent addition to my handbag for on the go touch ups! But what's so special about this boxed beauty from Benefit?

Hoola is the best-selling bronzer in the UK and for years, Hoola has racked up quite an impressive selection of Best Bronzer awards. Completely shimmer free, this matte bronzer can be used in so many different ways, a versatile product that I've personally used for everything from contouring my cheekbones, to my nose and even the crease of my eye, perfect for an all over glow (in the summer days when we're a bit more naturally tanned) and if you're on the-go and in desperate need of an eyeshadow, it doubles up as a matte, nude and natural shadow. Housed within a box, famous to Benefit as the packaging for the blush range, the packaging for Hoola is actually much more up my street than designs of other boxed products. It's bold, it's stand out, but it's not tacky. Very well presented, the box top flips open and the first thing you see is a very cute brush with a pale blue wooden handle and white bristles. For those animal fans out there, I'm sad to say this handy addition of a brush is made using animal hair. But for those who don't mind natural-bristle brushes, the brush itself is very soft and nicely shaped for applying contour to your cheek bones, although otherwise I prefer my Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush. 

The bronzer itself is really beautiful. A shade which would be flattering on a whole variety of skin tones, I've heard rave reviews from the palest to the darkest of beauties; a well loved bronzer all round. When I say matte, I really mean it - there's not a speck of shimmer in sight, which is really important when contouring. The powder has a beautifully soft, silky finish with a slight touch of fall out, but the joy of a box packaging means there's no unnecessary mess. Applied to the skin and the stunning colour in the box shines through, with fabulous pigmentation and great colour pay off. Hoola can be used for anything from a sheer flush, to a more densely built up contour as the shade is very easily build-able, without looking dirty or muggy. The brilliant thing about this bronzer for me, is the shade. Exactly how you see the shade in the pan, is how it translates to the skin. Not an orange tinge in sight, this warm brown with red undertones is super flattering. Step aside Laguna, Hoola's taken the number one bronzer spot...

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Benefit Hoola Bronzer

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