The mid-week pamper #2

8 Jan 2014

So I've shared my secret and confessed to a regular mid-week pamper, something I think everyone should add into their schedule. With a dissertation deadline looming, I've spent my days, and nights, reading journal after journal, writing draft after draft, and as a result I am shattered! This mid-week pamper is revved more towards the reviving, refreshing and invigorating side of things, to keep me awake and on top of things, instead of ready for a nap at any given moment. I'm using the beautifully fragranced NEOM Refresh body care range as my perfect pick me ups. Refresh has a scent which is spot on for making me feel relaxed, de-stressed, but refreshed and ready-to-go too. Scent wise we're talking a delicious mix of Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil, which smells like waking up in the middle of summer in the South of France, surrounded by lemon trees. I've never been to the South of France, but I'm pretty sure it would smell like this. It's true to it's name sake and the scent alone instantly makes me feel refreshed, one of those scents that reminds you of days past. There's more lovely ingredients and scents in the mix too, like Aloe Leaf, known and loved for it's soothing properties, Chamomile Flower and Apricot Fruit Extract. A scent I will easily adore any time of year as it refreshes in the winter, but in the warmer months I think this would carry a whole new, maybe sweeter, delicious scent. 

In a tall, slender clear bottle (I really like that you can see the product in the bottles), Refresh Body Wash* (NEOM*, 240ml, £18) is easy to use with a click-pour top and textured clear label, giving the bottle some grip when in the bath or shower. NEOM uses all natural, organic ingredients and their products are planet and animal friendly; I always find with brands like this that the body washes particularly are of much better quality. Easy to lather up, no nasty chemical induced bubbles, but a nice, soft foam. A little goes a long way and despite using the Refresh duo for almost two weeks, I've hardly dented the body wash. After use my skin feels clean, cleansed and soft, but in need of a bit of extra hydration to beat off the winters effects. Using the Refresh Body Lotion* (NEOM*, 240ml, £25) and layering the scent, means the invigorating lemon and refreshing basil lingers for quite some time and if you're at home, there's no need to pop on a perfume, as Refresh has some staying power. With the same easy to use format as the body wash, the lotion has a light consistency, a luxurious pale cream that's soft and feels super light-weight on the skin. A little goes a long way due to the consistency and my skin is left feeling even more refreshed, cooled and hydrated, with not a speck of residue in sight. I'm hoping NEOM bring out a body oil in the Refresh range, and if so, I think that would be a must-have for me in the summer months. My last step for today's pamper? Sit back, relax and enjoy a good book. It's so easy to forget to take a break and even pampering can be a bit of hard work sometimes. I'll always be a bookworm at heart, so finishing off with an easy read after a quick yet effective pamper is perfect. I'm currently enjoying Be Awesome by Hadley Freeman (Amazon, £9.09 plus free delivery) as a break from trying to finish A Game of Thrones (Waterstones, £6.29, plus free delivery)

Another mid-week pamper done, have you joined me in some extra TLC?

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