Magnitone Pulsar, worth the hype?

16 Jan 2014

Magnitone Pulsar

Skincare is one of my biggest loves and having a good skincare routine has become very important for me, wishing to protect, nurture and replenish my skin without damage. We all know as we age, so will our skin and we won't always look as youthful and radiant as we do now (which for me, is on a good day!) If I can use a brilliant skincare routine now to benefit my skin in the long run, then I am more than willing - my skincare stash will vouch for me. Sometimes skincare products can carry a hefty price tag and I am a firm believer that where skincare is concerned, 9/10 you receive the quality you pay for. Cleansing brushes are hugely popular among skincare adorers and as soon as I started blogging, I was drawn in to the hype and had my heart set on a Clarisonic which can range from £99-£179. For me, this was out of my price range at the time and instead I happily opted for the high-street version from Boots, the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush, which is far more purse friendly at a very reasonable £24.95. I had a bumpy start with No7's offering and by the summer I had completely stopped using it, finding it more harmful to my skin than beneficial. There's a few reasons why I think I fell out of love with the No7 offering, such as no hygienic cover for the brush head when it's not in use, no stand to hold it up right and it runs by batteries opposed to mains charging. The brush head for the No7 offering is not up to scratch either; little density and the brush head feels scratchy after a couple of months use, as well as being a touch too long and far too flexible.

I was recently introduced to a cleansing brush that is a miles apart from the high-street offering I had tried, and one which promises to work on a long-term basis, too. Magnitone Pulsar* (Amazoon*, £129) is a daily skin cleansing and toning system which can be used in two ways to benefit both the face and the body, and comes as a fabulous set with everything you need to get you started. Within the set you will find your Magnitone Pulsar, two replacement brush heads; one Active Clean brush head for use on the face, and one Body Cleanse brush head for use on the body, both with protective covers. There's also a fab and easy to understand instruction guide and a 12 month warranty card along with a stand and mains charger. Magnitone promise that continued use of the Pulsar will result in more effective deep cleansing, help increase collagen levels in the skin, leave skin softer and smoother with a clearer, more even looking skin tone. Promising to firm and tighten the skins texture, help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve blood circulation. When used on the body Magnitone also claim that you will be left with heavenly soft and silkier skin, preventing and reducing razor rash and irritation from hair removal as well as enhancing moisture and nutrient absorption of skincare products. But how does it actually work and did it work for me?

Magnitone Pulsar

I have now been using the Magnitone Pulsar since Boxing Day, so a good few weeks, and in that time I have been using the Pulsar to cleanse in the evenings, but sticking to my usual routine in the mornings. My skin is predominately oily but over the past few months has also become very dehydrated, so I have to work with my skins needs to ensure I don't over irritate or exfoliate the skin. Although a cleansing brush, the Magnitone Pulsar will exfoliate your skin due to the nature of the product and so preventing over-exfoliation is really important to prevent long-term damage to your skin. Using an ultra-fast sweeping cleansing action, the Pulsar can glide softly across the skins surface hundreds of times per second - the movement in the brush head may look minimal, but this beauty packs a punch. To use I apply my cleanser as usual, opting for cream cleansers, then using the Pulsar I use upward movements to almost massage my skin with the Pulsar. Although the brush heads are hard at work, it doesn't feel abrasive when in use and it's quite a relaxing way to cleanse in the evenings. There's four different settings, each of which alters the speed and movement of the bristles, but I find the first setting more than enough for what my skin needs. The movement of the Pulsar works well to unsettle any trapped dirt, grime and makeup from my skin, removing it effectively; only if I have had a full face of makeup on have I had to follow with a face wash, otherwise this easily removes my makeup for me. That said, bare in mind this obviously isn't to be used on your eyes and a good bi-phase eye makeup remover to remove eye makeup first, is a good idea. After use my skin is instantly softer and smoother to the touch and I have also noticed my night-time skincare products working a touch better since I started using the Pulsar. My skin is looking clearer and brighter, too, and I have seen a massive improvement in my areas of dehydrated skin which felt rough and coarse before. I haven't used the body brush head yet, but when I do I will definitely pop another post up on what I think to Magnitone for the body! Overall though, I'm pretty impressed. The difference in quality is pretty something and I wholeheartedly believe that with a skincare tool such as this, you need to invest to see professional, long-lasting benefits. My only dislike for the Pulsar is the beeping sound which plays when the brush is in use, but as you only use the brush for a minute at a time, I can deal with that.

For me, a cleansing brush is a fabulous step in your skincare routine. Having used the Pulsar every evening for three weeks now, I will now be alternating and using this every other night or every few nights, as it's not something my skin needs every single day, but it's definitely a product which massively benefited the texture, look and feel of my skin. It's not a necessary step for all, and your skin type will play a factor in whether a cleansing brush will be beneficial to your skin. If you're interested in learning more about your skin type as well what your skin needs and could benefit from, a skincare consultation may be beneficial. I highly recommend Samsara Skin in Birmingham, who also offer online Skype skin consultations for those who cannot get in to the clinic. Even better, the Skype consultations are currently on January offer at half price! The Magnitone Pulsar is also currently half price on Look Fantastic at just £65, a complete bargain! 

Magnitone Pulsar

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