Girls night in: Homemade pizzas

28 Jan 2014

Girls night in: Homemade pizzas

For me, there's nothing nicer than an evening spent with friends and some delicious food. My partner and I often stay in (in fact, more often than not), and we also have a naughty habit of ordering takeaway on a regular basis. When between us this can cost up to £25 a time depending on what we have, it's a lot of money to spend on one meal for two people. When we move into our new home, money will be tighter, so I'm all for learning how to have a perfect night in, on a budget. Last night I did exactly that, and I wanted to share my evening with you all as I think it's something cheap and fun anyone can do, a great idea for a girls night in.

I'm not the biggest fan of pizza and I'm picky, having a preference for homemade pizza over takeaway or shop bought. Obviously I will have a slice of my partner's every now and then, but generally pizza is something I stay away from. When I was in high school I had to take Food Technology lessons. Those lessons taught me almost everything I needed to know about cooking and each week I loved creating something new and learning how to make so many different things. My family would always eagerly tuck into anything I brought home, and their favourite every time was pizza! 

Last night three friends and I had a girls night in, and we decided to make our own individual pizzas. We each had a base to which we added tomato puree, and all the ingredients we'd brought to share between us all. With a selection of onion, pepper, mushrooms, baby plum tomatoes, pineapple, three different cheeses, bacon, chorizo, coriander, herbs and spices - there was a lot to choose from! Some of the girls had a few different things, I opted for a bit of everything (well, it was a bit hard to resist!) The pizzas only took ten minutes to cook in the oven - so you can easily prep, make and cook a pizza in 15 minutes, a lot quicker than ordering a takeaway! 

Once the pizzas were ready we sat down and tucked straight in - with some lovely bubbles to wash it down (gotta love leftover Christmas drinks) The pizza was easily the best I have had in years, it was absolutely delicious and I'm already planning on doing the same for a night in with my partner soon! It worked out so much cheaper than us all going out for dinner, or ordering takeaway. The pizza bases were only £1.20 each (and they were pretty big) and all of the toppings were things we already had in our fridges and cupboards. Making the pizzas was so much fun and it's given me so many ideas for dinner parties we could have when we move, and the different things we could make! 

Will you be trying your hand at making homemade pizza?

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