From Lipstick Queen to Dancing Queen

18 Jan 2014

Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen
Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen

Sales have lost their wow factor for me over the years; I don't think the offers are as good as they used to be and often, the sale price is so little, it hardly makes a dent on the original price. But sometimes, sometimes you come across a gem and you can't resist snapping it up, even though you don't technically need it. The Space NK Boxing Day and January sales have been exactly that for me - I have placed three orders in total. Three! It's ridiculous how much I have spent on the Space NK sale, but at the same time the savings I made on high end brands I normally wouldn't be able to afford, was so worth it. One of my best sale beauty buys was a Lipstick Queen purchase. I introduced Lipstick Queen here on Tattooed Tealady back in September last year, and I am still smitten with the formula of Lipstick Queen lipsticks. Dancing Queen (Space NK, £7) is a trio of sheer, shimmery lipsticks in beautifully feminine packaging and a feel of luxury far from your usual plastic lipstick bullet casing. Lipstick Queen lipsticks feel weighty, extravagant and chic at the same time, with fantastic longevity.

Whereas my other ( and one and only) lipstick from Lipstick Queen is super opaque and highly pigmented, the Dancing Queen lipsticks have a very different formula. As they're sheer lipsticks, they have little colour pay off, but in comparison to other sheer lipsticks I have tried, they leave a beautiful colour on the lips. Electric Slide is a lovely sheer ruby red, with tiny flecks of ruby, pink and gold shimmer which features in all the lipsticks in the set. This could easily be worn alone, or above a red lipstick for a touch of shimmer. The Hustle is a lovely soft peachy nude, which teamed with the shimmer looks much more wearable on the lips than it does in the bullet. Again, this could easily be worn alone or above a nude lipstick for a touch more something-something. Then there's Cha Cha, the most intimidating shade of the three yet absolutely stunning. Cha Cha is a deep, warm sheer red wine shade that's not as bright as Electric Slide, and a shade which I imagine alone may not have much wow factor, but with the shimmer, it's beautifully enchanting. The shimmer in each actually works so well, with a lovely finish and a super wearable way of adding some shimmer to your look. The shimmer in each is very fine; flattering rather than too much. Lipstick Queen describe the finish as a matte, for me it's much more a high shine product. Each has a healthy shine to it; nothing sticky, just a very lovely shine. They're super hydrating too, my lips never feel dry or tight when wearing them and they almost feel like a luxurious balm. Just lovely.

Individually Lipstick Queen lipsticks cost £20, making the set itself worth £60. The Dancing Queen set was originally priced at £18, making each lipstick cost just £6. The set was a brilliant bargain to begin with - but I managed to snap it up in the sale for just £7! Three lipsticks, with a beautiful formula, a lovely finish and gorgeous colours, for just £7. A bargain I was never going to resist! The Dancing Queen set is still available in the Space NK sale - but snap your trio up quick, as I don't see them staying in stock for much longer!

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