Dealing with adult acne

20 Jan 2014

Skincare is one of my favourite aspects of beauty to blog about and I love trying new products and brands. I often receive tweets or emails asking for product recommendations, and I always love recommending my favourite products – but if someone doesn’t have the same skin type as me; it can be a little bit harder to recommend the right product for their skin. I have quite a few books on skincare, and it’s a topic I really enjoy learning more about, particularly where different skin types are concerned because it’s all new to me, Miss Oily. I was recently introduced to an e-book that I wanted to share with you all – as I know I have a lot of readers who suffer from acne, who might find this super helpful!  Many people presume that acne only occurs during our teenage years, a by-product of puberty – but in actual fact adult acne affects one in five adult females. When acne can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and affect your confidence, acne can be distressing for those who have it.

Written by Lauren Jane Williams for Courthouse Clinics, Acne is an e-book guide to keeping confident even in times of skin-crisis and when your skin is misbehaving most. Written with tips on treatments that could benefit your acne, what you can do to help prevent future break outs as well as little changes you can make. A super interesting part of the e-book for me, are the facts and statistics. So many facts and statistics about women, how women feel, what women think and feel. There is a lot of pressure on women to succeed, to look beautiful, to do well, it’s no wonder when our skin plays up that we can be left feeling a little less than perfect.

Beautifully visual, I found the Acne e-book a really fab read and I've also downloaded it and printed it off for future reference. It’s fantastically easy to read and understand, the information is clear and easy to understand; it would be beneficial for anyone with acne, regardless of age. But for those of you out there who suffer with adult acne, this is a marvellous read. It’s completely free – you just download it! A must-read for anyone dealing with acne that needs a bit of help in making their skin happier. 

Read the e-book Acne by Lauren Jane Williams (link)
(Scroll down to download the e-book)

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