A touch of delicate pink...

24 Jan 2014

Dior Creme de Rose

Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm (Selfridges, £20) One of the most luxurious lip balms out there, adored by beauty bloggers worldwide and a balm which has been on my wish list for two years. Two years is a long time to lust after a product, especially when so many of your favourite bloggers often talk about how heavenly it is, very often. I have had serious product lust over this little white pot! A smoothing, plumping lip balm, this coveted Dior product is said to be one of the best lip balms out there. It's difficult to resist a product with claims like that, and Dior don't help either. Described as an essential nourishing and smoothing lip balm with a delicate rose fragranced. It's enriched with a rare and precious blend of Damask Rose Essential Oil Extract, an anti-ageing complex, energising Vitamins A and E and Shea Butter. 

In a beautifully simple white pot, with the Dior logo and tiny detail on the lid, it's super light weight so perfect for by your bed for a night time pamper, or chucked in your bag for on the go. The product itself is a pale rose petal pink and is the perfect consistency; lightweight but moisturising. The scent is really beautiful; delicate, light, very subtle and absolutely delicious. When I first started using Creme de Rose, I wasn't wowed. It felt a touch too waxy for my liking - but after some research and lots of review reading, I found out there's a thin layer at the top of the balm where it is more waxy in consistency and once you get past that, it's one of the most beautifully lip balms you'll ever use! Yes it's pricey, yes it's a lot more than your average high-street lip balm. But that's where the price for this is completely justified. Dior has been around since 1946 - they know their stuff! The quality of this lip balm is amazing and I am in love with the adorable packaging and pale pink balm. The scent is just so lovely and OK, it's not something I'd use all the time - I want it to last, but when I do use it, my lips are happy. Softened, moisturised - it also leaves a lovely natural looking shine on the lips. 

Would I repurchase? Maybe, we'll see how long this one lasts. But I definitely think this little beauty is worth all the hype... and the pennies.

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