A bespoke facial tailored to my skin

25 Jan 2014

Samsara Skin

Is there anything more relaxing than lying back and having a professional carry out a facial that leaves your skin feeling incredibly happy? I doubt it. I adore going for facials and I think, particularly at my age of the wrong side of my 20's, that facials are pretty important for maintaining your skins health and wellbeing. Back in 2013 I popped over to Birmingham to visit Jess and Andy over at Samsara Skin (linkfor a much needed facial. Samsara Skin offer lots of different facials. There's the Prescription Facial which is a bespoke facial tailored to your skin type and skins main needs, after a skin consultation. A Prescription Facial (Samsara Skin, One Hour Treatment £57) can target any skin issues such as clearing blemishes and acne, evening skin tone, restoring loss of firmness or plumping out lines and wrinkles. The Deepest Cleanse Facial (Samsara Skin, 45 Minute Treatment, £45) uses a manual lymphatic drainage massage and an ultrasonic massage cleanse using the Foreo Luna Professional System, to deeply and intensely cleanse and detoxify the skin. The Seasonal Facial Treatment (Samsara Skin, One Hour Treatment, £70) is the perfect way to battle the effects as the seasons change, this facial is specifically tailored to your skins needs at that time, and the time of year, as our skin needs change with the seasons. The facial I was pampered to was the Prescription Facial*. My facial was carried out by Jess and we started by discussing what I think of my skin type and what it is I think my skin needs the most. After a little chat over what my main skin concerns were, Jess examined my skin and we agreed that my skin is definitely oily - but also dehydrated. As this was a Prescription Facial, the facial and all the products used and steps included, were tailored to benefiting my oily and dehydrated skin. I also wanted to tackle my uneven skin tone, which can be a confidence killer. 

The first product used was CosMedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser (Samsara Skin, 100ml, £27.45) which is formulated with Gluconolactone (Polyhydroxy Acid). An antioxidant cleanser, it works to eliminate impurities, hydrate the skin and help improve the appearance of photodamage. Next up, one of my absolute favourite skincare products was used; CosMedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser (Samsara Skin, 100ml, £27.45) Purity Clean is a concentrated, exfoliating cleanser which has been infused with cooling Peppermint Essential Oil, calming Lavender and clarifying Tea Tree Oil. A refreshing cleanser, it deeply penetrates the skin eliminating cellular debris, decongesting pores and hydrating. After Purity Clean, CosMedix Purity Balance AHA Exfoliating Prep (Samsara Skin, 100ml, £27.45), another favourite product of mine, was used. Purity Balance is used to create the optimum skin surface pH level for the next step, which was using CosMedix Pure Enzymes Resurfacing Mask (Samsara Skin, 30ml, £45.24), a soothing mask which combines Cranberry Enzymes and L-Lactic Acid to dissolve dead skin cells and soften the skin. With a deliciously fruity scent, it also contains Antioxidants and Natural Acids which work to gently purify the skin. 

The next step in my Prescription Facial was something I really loved. A custom mask made on the spot for my facial, how lovely is that? Made with Manuka Honey, Organic Colloidal Oatmeal, Macadamia Nut Oil, Rosehip Oil, Raw Vitamin C, Rose Water and other oils rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Each of these ingredients worked together to create a mask that was hydrating and strengthening to my skin. An aromatic steam was then used, which was scented with a blend of Organic Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Patchouli Oils - it was amazing! To finish, a spritz of CosMedix Mystic Oil-Free Hydrating Spray (Samsara Skin, 120ml, £38.10) was used, which is a heavy water rich in Minerals and enriched with Aloe Vera and Cassia Glucan, which help retain moisture. The penultimate step in my facial was using CosMedix Affirm Firming Serum (Samsara Skin, 30ml, £65.31) Supercharged with over ten skin-specific Antioxidants, Affirm is a Peptide Serum used for correction and prevention of photodamage. Last but not least, the final step was a spritz of the CosMedix Reflect Matte SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen Spray (Samsara Skin, 120ml, £39.15), which was a complete revelation to me as I didn't know spray SPF even existed for the face! 

My Prescription Facial was easily one of the best facials I have ever had, which was tailored completely around my skin type and my skins main concerns and needs. The improvements I saw in my skin after the facial was instantaneous, with a few positive changes which were more obvious after a day or so. Each of the products used felt and smelt lovely, and I think this is important when you are having a facial as there is nothing worse than a face full of product that feels uncomfortable and has an unpleasant scent. So smitten with some of the products used, I picked up CosMedix Purity Clean for myself and since, have built a modest stash of CosMedix products which I think are fantastic. I would wholeheartedly recommend a Samsara Skin Prescription Facial, for happier, healthier skin.

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*I received a complimentary Prescription Facial at Samsara Skin. I have not been compensated for this post. For more information, please check my full disclaimer.