The mid-week pamper # 5

29 Jan 2014

Bubble T Lemongrass and Green Tea
Bubble T Lemongrass and Green Tea
Bubble T Lemongrass and Green Tea

This week, my mid-week pamper is entirely inspired by yesterday. My body decided to kick up a fuss around 4am Tuesday morning, and I was up the rest of the night with a raging fever. I've never had a fever before, but let me tell you, I definitely don't want to experience that again! Today I need something that's going to keep me refreshed and invigorated, make me feel more like myself again and something that's a little bit fun, too, to boost my mood. Step in Bubble T CosmeticsInspired by the Taiwanese drink, Bubble T is known across Asis as a colourful and vibrant drink. When Bubble T became more popular in the UK, appearing at festivals and in towns across the Country, Bubble T Cosmetics saw an opportunity to create a range of bath and body care products, inspired around the popular Bubble T. With products which have a crafted and blended combination of rich tea based infusions, mixed with fruit essence and extracts, Bubble T has three fragrant ranges to choose from. 

Formulated to make you feel revived, the Moroccan Mint Tea range combines refreshing Peppermint infused with White Jasmine and Sweet Peppermint, to energize and revive. The Lemongrass and Green Tea range is targeted towards stimulating your body and senses, with Lemongrass, Green Tea, Gooseberry and Pineapple. Finally we have the restoring Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea range with wild Strawberry, Hibiscus and Acai Berry tea. Each range features the same products; a shower gel, body lotion, hand wash, hand cream, available in two sizes, and stimulating fizzing bath bombs. Over the past month I have been trying the Lemongrass and Green Tea range, and each time I've had a little pamper with the products from the range they have left me feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to face the day. As I have a lot of catching up to do from yesterday, I know I can turn to these products to keep me awake and ready to go today. 

Each of the products have been a delight to use. Firstly, the scent. It is incredible! It's quite possibly one of the most refreshing scents I have come across, and I love how fresh and vibrant the scents are. Lemongrass is one of my favourite scents, so for me this range is perfect! I'm also a big fan of the packaging. Bright, bold, eye-catching - they look great in our bathroom and add a bit of sunshine to the room! The Lemongrass and Green Tea Stimulating Shower Gel (Bubble T*, 300ml, £6.40) which is the perfect way to start the day; a lovely hydrating shower gel which contains a beautiful blend of Lemon and Goji Berry extracts infused with a stimulating fragrance and a unique antioxidant blend. Lathering well, this smells delicious and the steam from a hot bath or shower helps this beautiful fragrance get to work stimulating your senses. The Lemongrass and Green Tea Stimulating Body Lotion (Bubble T*, 300ml, £8) contains the same beautiful blend and scent, and works to make my skin feel incredible soft. A light lotion, gently massaging in this stimulating lotion will help the scent linger all day and your skin happy and moisturised. 

My favourite products from the range are the Lemongrass and Green Tea Stimulating Fizzing Bath (Bubble T*, tube of 7, £4.80) and Lemongrass and Green Tea Stimulating Hand Cream (Bubble T*, 100ml, £4.80) The fizzing bath bombs are adorable and I am definitely looking forward to a bath with these later. I like to pop just one in, and so far I've used almost half the tube. Packed with the ranges stimulating fragrance, these are said to leave your skin feeling hydrated and cared for - admittedly, I find these more a fun and beautifully scented addition to the bath, and I haven't noticed any extra hydration from using them. But I love bath bombs and fizzes, so these are easily some of my favourites from the range. The hand cream however has left my hands feeling soft, hydrated and nourished and it's my current favourite bathroom must-have and the perfect partner for the accompanying Lemongrass and Green Tea Stimulating Hand Wash (Bubble T*, 300ml, £6.40)

The perfect pampering and reviving products for a mid-week pick me up. How will you be spending your mid-week pamper today? 
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