& Other Stories Sugar Crush Body Scrub

17 Dec 2013

& Other Stories Limited Edition Sugar Crush Body Scrub

& Other Stories Limited Edition Sugar Crush Body Scrub (& Other Stories, 250ml, £7): If you were looking for a mixture of sweet shop and heaven in a body product, this is it. Since & Other Stories launched earlier in the year, I have dabbled in both their makeup and body care ranges. I am a huge fan of their body scrubs, spending months addicted to Fig Fiction, a scent which is a very close dupe for Diptyque Philosykos. During a recent visit to & Other Stories, which is just off of Oxford Street, London, I spotted this brown sugar coloured scrub and after a quick look at the scent, Sugar Crush, I unscrewed the tester lid to see what the scent was like. The scent is absolutely delicious, described as a "soft citrus wrapped in caramelised brown sugar", that alone sounds delicious but for me, it smells exactly like cola cubes! I loved cola cubes as a kid, more for how they smelt than how they tasted, and this has the exact same delicious sweet syrup scent. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm besotted.

I don't know 100%, as the website doesn't stipulate so, but I was told when paying for my purchase that this is a limited edition scent range. Usually when I like a product this much, which is from a limited edition collection but affordable enough to buy a back up off, I snap them up! But the & Other Stories body scrubs last such a long time, it would be pointless having a back up. I tried my first & Other Stories body scrub in April, it's a weekly regular scrub for me and one of my absolute favourite formulas for a scrub. With weekly use since April, I am only now just reaching the bottom of the tub. A little goes a long way is an understatement with these smooth skin perfectors; I prefer to apply to damp skin, gently massaging it into my skin creates a lather in the scrub, turning it into a luxuriously thick body wash/body scrub combo. My skin is left smoother than any of my high-end body scrubs, and the smooth skin lasts at least a few days before I need to exfoliate again. They're just wonderful! If you haven't tried a body scrub from & Other Stories, this is the scent to start with! 

You can purchase & Other Stories beauty products on the & Other Stories website, as well as in store. (link here)

& Other Stories Limited Edition Sugar Crush Body Scrub

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    1. It's gorgeous, if not slightly too yummy smelling... xo


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