New on the beauty scene: Glo Minerals

3 Dec 2013

Glo Minerals

There's few things I love more than delving into a makeup brand I have never heard of before, even more so when I find I am smitten. Glo Minerals is a new brand to Cocktail Cosmetics and I was kindly sent a few products to try. I've been putting these products to the test over the past few weeks, one I could live without, three I am besotted with. Let's get into it then shall we?

Glo Minerals Face Primer* (Cocktail Cosmetics*, 14.7ml, £13) - If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me mention that I have been trying a new primer and that it actually happens to be one of, if not the best primer I have ever used. Well this is it! The Glo Minerals Face Primer is a clear gel which works to give you a smooth base for applying concealers and foundations. It smooths the surface of the skin to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines - your bog standard face primer. Except this one is a little bit special. With a signature blend of antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, E and green tea, your skin is provided with the nutrients that your skin needs to keep it looking healthy and radiant. A pea sized amount is more than enough for my t-zone, cheeks and chin; less is more with this beauty. The formula is nice; no sticky, greasy or glue feel here, just smooth skin ready to be beautified. Longevity wise, this makes my makeup last all day long, and I'm talking hardly need to powder or touch up, all day long. It's amazing, a must-try!

Glo Minerals gloCream Blush in Plumeria* (Cocktail Cosmetics*, £14.50) - A love a good cream blush and despite everyone popping theirs away for the winter, I still use mine on a day to day basis. I pick products; including product type, formula and shades, based on how I feel on the day and how my skin is. The cream blushes are definitely still out to play during the colder months, and I've loved having a more autumnal shade to play with. With a creamy formula, the pigmentation is intense and the shade, a gorgeous plum called Plumeria, has amazing colour pay off. The tiniest amount is needed on your chosen cream blush tool, because this packs a punch! Also featuring the Glo Minerals exclusive blend of antioxidants, this little beauty has taken some time to get used to. The formula I love, the colour I love, but the pigmentation is so intense (definitely a positive!) that I've had to practice using less and less each time. Once perfected though, this does give the most lovely autumnal pop of colour to my cheeks and I've never needed to re-apply throughout the day. The colour stays put and lasts.I'll definitely be trying Fig, the other shade available, in the warmer months!

Glo Minerals gloBronze in Sunkiss* (Cocktail Cosmetics*, £30.50) - Ah I am so besotted with this! My go-to at the moment for bronze and highlight, as the highlight shade is perfect for my skin tone and it's subtle, flattering and soft on the skin, leaving a natural look. Developed with natural, high-pigment minerals and that exclusive blend of antioxidants, the powder is buttery soft. Very easy to apply, great colour pay off and nice and compact, perfect for on the go - especially with the handy compact mirror. Love this.

Glo Minerals gloPrecision Eye Pencil in Black* (Cocktail Cosmetics*, £12) - I adore the primer, cream blush and bronze and highlight compact, but the pencil liner is a product I could personally live without. With an advanced mineral formulation, infused with antioxidants and suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes, the gloPrecision Eye Pencil can be used to both define and enhance the lash line. There's also a fab and handy 'artists tip' (blending tool), but for me personally this is a tad too firm and I am too smitten with gel and liquid liners. It's a good pencil - it's just not my favourite.

So there you have it. Four products, three of which I adore and one which is good, but I could live without. Overall I am super impressed for my first try of Glo Minerals and will definitely be keeping an eye out for reviews of the matte finishing powder, which has sneakily made it onto my beauty wishlist. 

Glo Minerals

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*This post contains PR samples - All views are my own and genuine.