New Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

17 Dec 2013

Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

Whenever Benefit announce a new product, the buzz around whatever that new product may be is constant and full of questions, excitement, anticipation. New products from Benefit very quickly sell out; an extremely popular brand all over the world. So imagine a new product, which is a partner in crime to one of Benefit's best selling products; POREfessional. Now that's something to get excited about! For those of you new to POREfessional you can read my full review ('5 Mini Benefit Reviews'), but it's basically a fantastic velvety soft, balm based primer which works to smooth and perfect the skin, creating the illusion of flawless, pore-disguised skin. Joining POREfessional is the new, innovative The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine (Look Fantastic*, £23.50 - Pre-order now - To be released 26/12/13). I was kindly sent an Agent Zero Shine (along with a super scrumptious biscuit that looked exactly like the product - see this Instagram picture!) a week ago now, and I've used it every single day since, so I can give you all a thorough review on this new, yet to be launched Benefit beauty.

The use of powders is usually to set your makeup or to control and reduce the appearance of shine. Some powders will also work to disguise the appearance of pores, by creating a more perfected layer above. Powders of this kind can come in pressed powder form or loose; I find pressed powders better for an all over finish whereas loose powders I find to be more beneficial when used to set and touch up my t-zone and under eye area. Powders, for someone with oily skin like myself, are absolute miracle-workers and must-have everyday products, so the news of Agent Zero Shine had me really excited! I'm always on the hunt for the 'perfect powder'. Could this be it?

So what exactly is Agent Zero Shine? A combination of the pore minimising powers of the POREfessional balm primer teamed with a light-weight, translucent powder; Agent Zero Shine. Cased within a super handy all-in-one powder brush dispenser (a fairly decent size, too), you have the product which has a twist open-close mechanism, a lid which doubles up as a powder dish and a handy expandable brush which is housed in the bottom of the packaging, with a screw-off format. It's all super compact, but with a substantial amount of product and size to make the fairy regular Benefit price range of £23.50 a fair price to pay. I think having the brush in the bottom and a lid which doubles up in its uses, makes the packaging perfect for travelling, on the go touch ups and general fuss-free, every day use. I've also washed the brush, once, with my weekly brush wash, curious to see whether it would hold up. I ensured to be gentle when washing the brush, with my trusty Dr Bronner Soap; it's absolutely fine so totally suitable for washing as you would any other brush. That, I like. If the brush was difficult to clean it would soon be rendered useless. 

Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

As the powder is translucent, this is going to be great for a variety of skin tones. It's incredibly easy to use, fabulously compact and comes with a brush which is as soft as it is handy. Application is super easy; simply tap your desired amount of product into the up-turned lid 'powder dish', swirl your brush around and apply to your desired areas. I tend to use this the most on my t-zone, both to set my makeup as well as touch ups during the day. It's great at setting my makeup and creating the illusion of a flawless base, but when used to touch up during the day if I'm looking a little shiny, it has the incredible ability to make my makeup look fresh, as if it has just been applied. I've worn this powder for five days now, usually a couple of days at most is enough to tell me whether a powder will work with my naturally oily, and now also dehydrated, skin. For the past five days when I have set my makeup with Agent Zero Shine I have been left oil-free longer than almost all of the powders in my collection (just one beats it to the top spot!) It works brilliantly with my skin, it really does leave such a lovely finish and I think this might be a keeper - moving my less-than-impressive powders out of the way. It's the only powder in my handbag when I leave the house, and the only powder I see myself reaching for, for quite a long time... Another impressive product, Benefit. One to stick on your wish list? Definitely!

Buy Benefit Agent Zero Shine at LookFantastic, £23.50.

The winner of my Agent Zero Shine giveaway is Catherine who blogs at Lady Liquor Vintage!

Benefit POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

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**This giveaway prize has been donated by Look Fantastic.


  1. Hi Sophia :) Felicity Hart, UK, twitter: felicity_hart - I follow you on Twitter :) and I would love to win because it's the wedding coming up and I've been concentrating so hard on it I haven't had time to pamper myself! :) xx

  2. I follow you on GFC [ I think google have removed gfc though :( ] Bloglovin', Facebook & Twitter (:
    Name - Ashley Horton
    Country - Wales, UK
    Email address -
    Twitter Handle - @AshHorton19
    Why do you want to win? I would love to win because I adore Benefit & can't always afford to spend a lot of money on make up. (:


  3. I follow you on GFC as Nella- beautifyiu, G+ as Nella P, and bloglovin

    Name: Nella
    Country: Indonesia
    email address:
    I want to win because I love benefit makeup. But too bad, the products always come so late in Indonesia because they only had 2 stores here. So I would lobe to be the one who can try this new baby.


  4. Twitter (linziloves23) Would love to win because I still haven't found the perfect powder for me!

  5. I would love to win, as this product sounds mint and after the NARS palette recommendation you gave me, it must be as good as you say! and Im an oily gal too!
    Im following on twitter, bloglovin and Facebook! xx

    Lucy, UK, @dinosaurdances

  6. Livvy Redmond, UK, I have the most oiliest of skin and haven't found a powder/primer that keeps my shine at bay! Also who doesn't love benefits amazing packaging!

  7. Emma Bradford, UK, @MissEmmaLou_ my t-zone gets SO oily so this sounds like it’d be perfect for me! I’m following you through all the options given! :)


  8. I'd love to win because I'm yet to find a primer that flipping works for me! And obviously because I love Benefit :)

    Erin, UK,, @erinjaine
    (following on twitter and bloglovin') xx

  9. I follow you on twitter @sweetdreamsxox
    Name: Alexandra C
    Country: Wales
    email address =
    I'd love to win this as I'd love to see how the product works for me!

  10. Hayley Sellick
    Following on Twitter/Bloglovin'.

    I would love to win as I suffer not only from oily skin, but very large pores, and the winter is driving my skin crazy!

  11. I follow you on twitter, instagram and bloglovin.
    Name: Kerry-Louise Tiller
    Country: UK
    Twitter: @kezzy_louise
    I would like to win as I've never tried anything benefit and I would love to try this!

  12. I follow you on blogloving, elaine rowley. My email is and I would love to win as I have pores the size of moon craters and anything to disguise them is a must!!!! xxx

  13. Ohh such an exciting giveaway!
    I follow you on Bloglovin' (Cint Dunne), GFC (Cint Dunne), Twitter (@makeupandmesses), Facebook (Cint Dunne) and Instagram (@makeupndmesses)

    Jacinta Dunne, Republic of Ireland, or @makeupandmesses
    I'm always looking for a good powder, I don't get very oily skin, but when I do I hate faffing around with a powder multiple times a day, So I'd hope this powder would be perfect for me.

    Cint @ Makeup and Messes X

  14. Hi, I have just discovered your blog due to my sister who's one of your readers. I followed you on bloglovin'
    My name is Martyna and I'm form Poland
    twitter: @yay_martyna
    I'd love to win your giveaway because I always like to try new things that prevent me form a shiny face and Benefit's Agent Zero Shine sounds like a savior! xx

  15. Name:Marie Cor Jauod

    Why Do I Want to Win?: I have big pores and oily skin NEW BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL AGENT ZERO SHINE will do wonders to my skin, add to it I have a toddler I need to keep up with, momma wants to look good when hubby comes home from deployment. I hope I win ( Goodluck every one) Merry Christmas

    Following you on twitter,tumblr and bloglovin

  16. I follow you on twitter - lilyike , bloglovin - shroomfrog , and instagram - shroomfrog.
    Name - Carla Shiver
    Country - USA
    email -
    I want to win because my pores are horrific!

  17. Yay I've been intrigued about this since seeing it on IG the other day. Great review, definitely something I need, I have oily skin and massive pores so this sounds like the perfect product for me, which is why I'd love to win. :D

    I follow you on Twitter: Juyeybats / GFC: Juyey (Bats) / Bloglovin': Juyey and IG: Juyey.

    Name: Juyey
    Country: UK


  18. Ooh so exciting yet another great invention benefit!
    I follow with a combination of names, GFC beccalouise, BL wondercolourbehind a frosted window, @wonderrcolour

    beccalouise, UK (yorkshire) ,

    I'm blessed with the oily skin type it may mean no wrinkles in the future but right now i'm always trying anything and everything to keep my skin looking good and shine at bay so my fingers are crossed ha! loved the exclusive review (: x

  19. Ahhh, so exciting! I love Benefit products and I think a lot of them are really good for oily skins. Thanks for this, Sophia!

    Twitter: @serenesirenblog
    GFC: Rachael Gibbons
    Facebook: Rachael Gibbons
    Instagram: serenesirenblog

    Name: Rachael Gibbons
    Country: Northern Ireland, UK.

    I've actually been looking for a new, translucent powder to keep my make up in place and also have more of a matte finish. I prefer translucent powders as they don't add anymore coverage and I've found some that add more coverage actually break me out!

    Good luck everyone!

    Serene Siren

  20. Hi Sophia!

    Name: Faith
    Country: UK
    email address:
    Twitter handle @fullafizzy
    why do you want to win? oily skin is the bain of my life. your skincare series has been invaluable in this respect, but it is still a work in progress!

  21. Name: Beth
    Country: UK
    Twitter: @BethTinkerbell
    I'd love to win because like you I have oily skin and struggle to find a long lasting powder, having one that's easy to use while out and about would be fantastic!


  22. Hi! My name is Meaghan, and I am from the United States. My twitter handle is XOMeaghanTweets. I have been dying to try this. I have oily skin, and it can be so difficult to find products to help eliminate those oils. Thank you for this fun giveaway! Oh, and I follow you on Twitter, Instagram, and Bloglovin :)

  23. I follow you on twitter and bloglovin, where my username is ShannonDarko
    Name: Shannon McGarrity
    Country: UK
    twitter: @shannondarko
    I'd love to win this because I'm a massive fan of Benefit products and I absolutely loved the Porefessional primer so it'd be great to try this out too! xx

  24. name:Sarah Thompson country:US I foolow on Bloglovin at sarahthompson3 or Sarah Thompson .I would love to win because I cannot go without my POREfessional, I love it so much! I would love to try this new version it sounds very interesting! Thx!

  25. Name: Alda Moreira
    Country: Portugal
    Twitter: @Framboesa
    Follow on:
    GFC : Framboesa (uma diva de galochas)
    Facebook: Alda Lopes Moreira

    I want to win because I love benefit products and usually I only can afford mini sizes or samples...I would love to try this primer version ;) Thanks!

  26. Katie Jane, UK, email:

    I follow on bloglovin (kt2802) and instagram (katie2802).

    I would love to try this as I have really oily skin, and I love the Porefessional.

  27. Name: Casey Hales
    Country: UK
    Follow on:
    GFC: Casey Hales

    I would love to win to try this product, looks amazing, sounds amazing, I want it on my face!!
    Thank you


  28. Lisa Spoors
    I follow on Twitter - @isitjustmeme

    Would love to try this! X

  29. Emily Knott, England, @em_knott - I follow you! Why wouldn't someone want a new product from Benefit! Some of the first high end makeup I bought was from Benefit!

  30. Jenn Bristoll
    I follow you on twitter, I'm @jennifrost

    I love Benefit products and with my skin being a pain lately this sounds perfect for me!



  31. Another great prize
    I would love to win as my skin needs something to make it look better & hide my imperfections
    Yasmine Choudhry
    United kingdom
    Email is
    Twitter @yasminec9
    Thank you

  32. I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin, GFC & Instagram
    Natalie, UK,, @natalielgarland
    I would like to win because my face is so shiny I'm worried people in my office will start seeing their reflections in it and none of the powders I've bought are doing the trick!

    Merry Christmas!


  33. Rupinder Mundra
    Twitter: @rupinder_mundra
    Follow you via - Twitter & Instagram
    It would be amazing to win this as I haven't been able to try much from Benefit yet and would love this to be the first in kick starting my collection! It looks like a great product and helps create a flawless base which I endlessly search products to create xx

  34. Bloglovin: Jessica Riley
    Jessica Riley, England, @thecrownwings
    I'd love to win because without a primer I basically can't wear makeup for longer than an hour and I'm still in search for my perfect one. This might be it!


  35. Zara Penrice, UK, Twitter handle - Zara19, I follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin' and Tumblr.
    I want to win because I'm just building my makeup collection, I can't afford to buy products when I see them in the shops I have to wait to save up. I've got a few Benefit mini's would love to try a full sized product. I need a better powder too!

  36. Megan, UK @MeganRoisinn
    I'd love to win because I have a constant battle with oily skin and it would be just lovely to have a long lasting matte face for once!

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  37. Rebecca-Louise Viner
    @rebeccalouiseee - I follow via instagram, twitter, gfc and bloglovin all with this username.
    I've not bought anything from Benefit in a long time despite loving the brand so much so I'd really love to win. It really does sound great for travelling and I'm glad the brush held up after it's first wash!

  38. I'd love to win because I have oily skin and would love to see if this product works, I follow you on Bloglovin' (, GFC (Denise C), Twitter (@denisec1484), Facebook (Denise Cummins) and Instagram (@dee81cee)

  39. I think I am following you everywhere except instagram - that ı dont have!
    sanem, turkey,, @orionee. I want to win beacuse probably this wont be in my countries market soon and I wonder too much!

  40. I follow you everywhere haha! Twitter - @hellbelluk
    I would love to win because I'm always looking for something to help minimise my pores and your skin always looks fabulous so it must be good!
    Helen England, UK x

  41. Monica Williams (I follow you on Bloglovin & Twitter)
    United States / omgmonicashere (Twitter)
    I'd love to win because I'm another oily skinned girl who needs to find her perfect mattifyer/blotting powder.

  42. Amy Dickson, Scotland UK, (original, right?)/ @amanolamusica.

    I would love to win because my face needs a serious makeover and there's nothing to get me excited like Benefit!!

    Good luck with the giveaway!

    Amy :)

  43. Aina Yao, US,, @skinnyd0nut, Would love to win because this product is not out in stores yet and would be SO helpful for on the go touch ups because I am combination oily :( I followed you on twitter, GFC :)

  44. Hello, I am Maria Chilakea Pinto from Athens Greece.
    I would like to win cause Benefit's products are very good in general and I would love to see how it will help my make up to stay at its place on my oily skin!
    I follow on Google+ Maria Pinto
    Facebook Maria Marilaki
    Bloglovin Maria Pinto
    Twitter @mxangel1982
    GFC Maria Pinto

  45. I'm following via
    GFC - Ciara M
    Bloglovin - Ciaraleanne
    Twitter & Instagram - @CiaraLMurphy
    Ciara Murphy, Ireland, and I would love to win because I have seriously oily skin and it sucks. I love trying new products so I can find the one that suits my skin :) Thank you for the chance! x

  46. Hi!

    I follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin' and Facebook. (I think Facebook. If not I'll fix that now lol!)

    Bethany Wells//@BethanyWellsMUA//England

    Why do I want to win? Well I'm a newbie MUA and this would be incredible in my kit. I swear by POREfessional already, so to have this as well would make me one happy artist as I'm always looking for the next and best way to create a flawless base!

    Thank you! X

  47. Name: Amanda
    Country: Canada
    Twitter handle: @amandarobots_
    Why do you want to win?: I love Benefit products and would love the opportunity to try this new one!

  48. Hiiii! So excited for this giveaway!
    I'm Natalie :) and I'm from Australia.
    I follow you on twitter, instagram, Facebook, bloglovin and GFC.
    My twitter is: @missnattapat and my email is
    I would LOVE to win this because I just purchased POREfessional on the weekend and a few of benefit's other most popular products and I am absolutely IN LOVE! Would love to see how the powder complements the primer.
    Thanks again for a great giveaway! x

  49. Such an exciting release! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! :)

    I Follow on all:
    Twitter: @natlovesbeauty
    GFC: Natalie Loves Beauty
    BlogLovin': Natalie J (Natalie Loves Beauty)
    Facebook: Natalie J
    Instagram: natalielovesbeauty

    I'm Natalie, from Canada! :) email:

  50. Nikita, Australia,
    Twitter: @nakkers20
    Instagram: @njtblogger
    Facebook: Nikita Tasi
    bloglovin: Nikita Tasi
    GFC: Nikita Tasi

    I would love to win as I have this major passion for Benefit cosmetics that is probably classified now as obsessive!

  51. Hi I'd love to try this, I have similar skin to yours oily but dehydrated and I think this would work a teat I love the Benefit Hello flawless foundation and the powder this would be a lovely addition to my Benefit make up collection...

    Rinica Warner
    Twitter @subjectbeauty1
    Country United Kingdom

    I follow on bloglovin and twitter :D x

  52. Hello! I've been really looking forward to trying the Agent zero shine powder as I have REALLY oily skin and no matter what I do, I just can't seem to keep it in check during the day. My make-up looks perfect for about 30 minutes and then the oil starts to appear... I hope Agent zero shine will come to my rescue :D

    Name: Line Høj
    Following on: Instagram (accordingtoline), Twitter (linelh86) and Bloglovin' ( My e-mail is
    Country: Denmark

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  54. Name: Jackie, Country: Philippines email address: and/or Twitter handle: @fashxfairytales, why do you want to win? I would love to win because I've always wanted to try Benefit and I figured this would be the perfect product to start with!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  55. Ooh interesting. I'd love to try this. I've got the Porefessional but am still unsure whether I like it or not.

    Name: Jen Toes
    Following on: Twitter & Instagram (jennifto)
    Country: England!

  56. Following on bloglovin:katrinao
    I love porefessional but haven't tried this beauty of a product yet!!
    Name: Katie Skeoch
    Twitter handle: @Top_cat81

  57. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Name : Nicole
    Country : Japan
    Twitter : areume11
    Why I want to win : Benefit is not available here in Japan, and they don't ship internationally no matter what (even on feelunique and lookfantastic, they have some kind of restriction) so it's the brand that I always admire...and this product seems really nice. I have large pores on my cheeks, so I am dying to try it out!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  58. I follow on twitter as @AlternateSerena, and on bloglovin' as Serenanana and also on instagram as Serenananax.

    My name is Serena, I'm in England and my twitter handle is @AlternateSerena. I'd love to win this because shine is my worst enemy! Having this would mean it was super easily to carry aroundin my bag and because it's transluscent I could top it up if I needed. I love the added pore minimising aspect because I am quite conscious of the pores on my nose and cheeks. Benefit always have such great products and I wish I could treat myself to them a little more often :)

  59. This looks like a great product! I would love to win because I think it would help keep my foundation in place and minimize my pores. xx I follow you on all of them :) Charlotte Mudge, UK-Wales, & @char_beyy

  60. Colleen Boudreau
    holliister at gmail dot com
    I'd love to try this!

  61. I'm following on all I think! (Carly Jade GFC/Bloglovin', @ceejayell_ Twitter/Instagram)

    Carly Jade, UK,, @ceejayell_

    I'd love to win because I absolutely love their Porefessional primer (desperately need to buy a new one!) and this seems the perfect accompaniment to help keep my skin looking flawless and perfect! Plus, as an oily skinned girl, you can never have too many powders! And this with the pore minimising aspect too..well! I've not got anything like it! :D

  62. im following you on twitter :) @kimbroadhead94

    my name is Kim Broadhead, UK,

    I would love to win because I have really oily/spot prone skin and its so hard to fine a quality powder that will actually work as with ones I'm using at the moment I end up with a greasy face at the end of the day (defiantly not my best look) haha. it would be nice to be able to just put it in my bag for touch ups and not having to worry about the powder breaking in half. :-)

    kim xx

  63. Oh amazing, what a great giveaway! I'd love to get this as I'm a huuuge fan of the original! I also suffer from oily skin, and find that nothing really works as well as POREfessional!

    I'm Chelsea and I'm from the UK. I follow you on twitter as @ChelseaLIML, GFC as Chelsea Joan, bloglovin' and facebook as Chelsea Chadwick, and instagram as @chevychels

    Have a merry Christmas! xx

  64. Name: Vânia Vieira,
    Country: Portugal,
    email address:
    Twitter handle: vaniavieira1988
    , why do you want to win? I never try before Benefit products, I'm so curious!

  65. Name: Mariana B. Albertini
    Country: Brasil
    twitter: /suicidalpeas
    why do you want to win: I'd love to win because I have oily skin and where I live it's pretty humid. A product like this one would help me a lot!! In Brasil there's only a few Benefit products, and unfortunately the POREfessiona is not one of them =/ And I most say a plus: I study graphic design, and I'm in LOVE with this package! haha :)

    Love your blog!!
    (sorry about my bad english!)

  66. I followed you on GFC as Yinjun Lee, bloglovin as Yinjun, twitter - my username is @lizcerise

    Name: Yinjun Lee
    Country: Singapore

    I would love to win because I have heard so much about this product but haven't been able to try it!

  67. i follow on gfc as carlahollands and bloglovin as carlaharla

    Carla Hollands, England,

    I would like to win this as I've only tried benefit products a couple of times before but each time i was in love! xx

  68. susan1375: i would love to win as my pores are like craters and everything i have tried so far has failed to hide them. Love anything that is Benefit so have high hopes for this one.

  69. Sarah L, UK, I follow you as @mutualcores on twitter :) Would love to win as I too suffer with oily skin that also seems to have dry patches. Drives me mad trying to handle it!

  70. Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho
    I follow you ong gfc:silviabia Bloglovin': Sílvia Ferreira FB: Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho and twitter: @silviabia41
    I wanna win because this product sounds amazing for my oily skin and I can't afford buying it...Thanks for the chance :)

  71. Andrea Mena Aguad
    I want to win because I have oily skin & this sounds amazing <3!
    I follow you on gfc, twitter, bloglovin' & instagram as yheasama ; FB: Andrea Mena Aguad .

  72. Oh it's a powder! I hadn't actually looked at this at all yet but just assumed it was a new version of the primer! I'm following on Bloglovin and Twitter.

    Name: Becky Smith, Country: UK, Twitter @lilblogofbeauty and email I'd love to win just really because I love trying new products :)

  73. Hi Sophia!

    I follow you on Twitter, Bloglovin' and Facebook.

    Joy Lee
    @discoballpixie on Twitter, Joy Lee (funjoy) and my email is

    I'd love to have this because I've been feeling poorly for the past 5 or so weeks and spent a whole lot on medical bills in that time. Would be nice to have some new makeup to play with!

  74. Name: Linh Diêu
    Country: United Kingdom
    email address: (Liked and followed you on Facebook)
    why do you want to win? I really like the porefessional primer, i would like to try the new product of this range.

  75. Caitlin Tran - GFC follower
    I absolutely love benefit but (after christmas present shopping) don't exactly have the money! I'd love to win this as a present to myself :)

  76. Hey theeeereee :D I followed you in Twitter, Bloglovin, Googleplus, GFC, Tumblr and Facebook :) Love that you did this giveaway ! My name is Marsya Jauzi. I'm from Malaysia and my twitter is @MarsyaJauzi :) I REALLY want this so bad. It'll probably be release in my country when I'm at boarding school :( But, love this post :DDDD

  77. Wonderful giveaway, thankyou!

    I follow via GFC & Bloglovin' (Lady Liquor Vintage), twitter @missladyliquor, facebook (Catherie McCourt) and instagram @ladyliquorvintage

    I'd love to win as I'm cursed with oily skin and have pretty much constant shine, so this sounds like it would be perfect!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  78. Hey thank you for the opportunity of this give away, I follow you on Instagram and twitter :-)
    My name is Lydia, UK, my email address is and my twitter handle is @lydandjam. I want to win as I basically had cystic acne since I was 12 years old (so five year now) due to having acne my skin when not wearing powder results in massive pores all over my face, and also I have extremely oily skin due to the acne and finally having something that may combat it for a few hours instead of powdering every half hour would be a dream. I can't often afford benefit also and I love everything about their products from the quality to the packaging. Thank you again for the opportunity of this give away :-).

  79. Just tell me how you are following so if you are the winner, I can check!
    2. Leave a comment with the following information;
    Name, Country, email address and/or Twitter handle, why do you want to win?
    Hi there I am following on twitter @a1nettie, FB and here on GFC :) Annette G.
    I would love to try this and am so intrigued of the results. I think I will end up purchasing soon, but keeping my fingers crossed maybe I might win :) Thanks for the review from USA @a1nettie
    Annette Grafmyer

  80. Name Anastasia gfc blublu
    Country Greece
    Twitter sissy899 I'd like to win because I haven't tried anything from Benefit yet!

  81. Hey :) following on GFC, Twitter, Insta & BlogLovin. Twitter is @yummymummyblogx (same for insta too!) I am from England & my email is - I would love to win this because I have only ever tried They're Real mascara before, not had the chance for anything else yet. Not really brave enough to try anything out of my comfort zone - need to break this habit!! But I get super super oily skin so deffo something I need to try! xoxo

  82. Lizzie Wilson, Im following on GFC, I live in England, my email is, my twitter is @thatlizziegirl and I want to win because it will be perfect for my oily skin, Ive had it recommended to me by the artist at benefit but I never tried it out! x

  83. I follow on Twitter as @samlikesjam ( I live in England, my email address is and I want to win because I have massive pores that really annoy me and I'm VERY oily - pretty much no make-up left on my face by mid afternoon!

  84. I follow you on twitter @saidacanephotog and on bloglovin too :) my email is and I live in England. I'd love to win this product because I've tried literally everything to keep the shine down which doesn't irritate my skin, and haven't had any luck so far, but I've heard great things about this!
    Happy new year! :) Saida xx

  85. I follow via GFC as Sadi , on BlogLovin' as Sadi , on Facebook as Sadia latif and on Instagram as Sad20full .

    I would love to win because i have tried so many things to keep my skin shine free but all in vain :(
    Now i have heard good things abt it.


    Twitter : Sad20ful

    Thankss alot for the giveaway !!


  86. Name: Beki Smith
    Country: United Kingdom
    Email address:

    Or love to win Benefits new Porefessional Zero Shine Powder as I've still ye to discover a powder that will keep my oily pores at bay. THIS little beauty looks like magic in a bottle and I need to try to get that flawless finish!