Lush Haul: Christmas Edition

20 Dec 2013

Christmas time brings out the hardcore Lush fans, attracts new fans, and like me, makes people haul, haul, haul! There's ten products to share with you all from my latest Lush haul. Some I have used in previous years, so although I haven't used them yet this year I can give you a pretty decent idea of how it works. There's a few which I haven't tried before, so I can't give proper reviews of, but will describe each as best I can and pop a link to the Lush YouTube video for that product where I can, so you can see it in action! Each of these are all still available both in Lush stores as well as online. If you wanted to treat yourself to any of these for Christmas, or treat a friend, standard delivery has now finished however you can order with next day delivery until December 23rd. Find out more here.

Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (Lush, £2.65): I see Candy Mountain being a huge hit with anyone who loves the infamous Snow Fairy shower gel. Using Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, which Lush claim they are the first to use in their products, Candy Mountain is a pink and white sparkling snowflake, in the shape of a Christmas themed mountain, which has been inspired by the pretty pink of Snow Fairy. This does smell absolutely delicious. Sweet, but delicious, with the tell-tale Snow Fairy scent and the Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute shining through. I hope this will give me the pink, misty and shiny bubbles it promises!
Watch the Lush YouTube video on the making of Candy Mountain here.

Lush Cinders Bath Bomb (Lush, £2.45): A bath product from Lush that I am pretty sure was part of last year's Christmas collection, as I'm sure I've used this one before. With Cinnamon Leaf Oil, native to Indonesia but cultivated in India and Sri Lanka too, there's also Almond Oil, Sweet Orange and Cinnamon Leaf essential oils which give a scent that's enlivening and refreshing. There's even popping candy in there, to make this bath bomb feel like a night beside the crackling fire drinking warm festive drinks. Delicious! 

Lush Christmas Eve Big Night Bubble Bar (Lush, £2.95): I have a little bit of a Christmas Eve tradition. Mulled wine, Christmas movies, a lot of pampering and a bath with Lush products. I'm pretty sure Christmas Eve was around last Christmas, which I used appropriately on Christmas eve! The scent of this particular bubble bar is a little more up my street than the super-sweet scent of Candy Mountain. With Jasmine Absolute, which belongs to the large olive family and is sourced all the way from India and Egypt, this has a heavenly scent which lingers and makes bath-time a treat! 

Lush Santa's Lip  Scrub (Lush, £5.50): I am a pretty big fan of the lip smoothing wonders available at Lush, so when I saw this bright red and festively named 'Santa's Lip Scrub', it was the first thing on my list I was sure I would end up picking up, and soon. With Coconut Milk Powder, Caster Sugar, Coconut Oil and extract of cherries and dates, this lip scrub is easily my favourite that Lush have ever created. The consistency for this one is more moist than the previous scrubs I have tried, but I find this makes it better and easier to both apply and massage into your lips. Using a lip scrub helps to remove dry skin from your lips in a gentle, non-damaging way. Follow with a good lip balm and you're sorted for super-soft, smooth lips. I'm gutted it's a limited edition scent/colour - Please make it permanent, Lush! Also seriously, how cute are the little hearts? (And was this possibly used for a valentines product once?) 

Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb (Lush, £3.25): I really love the design for this one, with a yellow shooting star through a blue night sky. The key ingredient in this starry eyed product is bergamot, which is one of my favourite scents. Bergamot is citrus oil taken from the peel by cold expression. It's a very fruity, zesty scent; just delicious. Mix in scents of honey and toffee (the same scent of Honey I Washed the Kids soap), and you have a delicious sweet, fruity, zesty scent that's very refreshing and soothing. Can't wait to use this! 

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (Lush, £3.50): Another favourite of mine from last year's Christmas collection, I just had to pick up Golden Wonder after adoring it last Christmas so much. A gloriously sparkling and very glittery gold and white bath bomb that is, quite frankly, enourmous. Don't let first impressions decieve you though, give this bath bomb a gentle shake and you will hear a rattle; inside of this glorious present shaped bath bomb is another bath bomb, leaving you with a bath that is golden like Christmas lights, white like snow and vibrant blues and greens as a surprise inside. With sweet orange and cognac oils, this smells absolutely divine and festive, like spiced Christmas oranges. It brings a little Christmas tradition back inside Christmas gifts. 

Lush Santa (Lush, £2.50): With the same scent as Butterball Bath Bomb, one of the most simplistic bath bombs available from Lush but a firm favourite, Santa is scented with a beautiful vanilla fragrance and loaded full of skin-softening cocoa butter. Cocoa is native to tropical America and comes from cocoa trees which can grow pretty darn big (approximately 30 feet tall!) My little nose-less Snowman is actually meant to have a gloriously orange carrot nose which featured in The Carrot Bubble Bar back in Easter, but my poor man is without. But he still has a wonderfully festive red scary and will be a lovely moisturising bath for me over the festive season! 

Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb (Lush, £3.30): This particular bath bomb was a no brainer for me. After catching a whiff of the patchouli oil and black pepper which feature as key scents, I knew this gloriously green (and very big) bath bomb had to be mine. Inspired by the paper hats we find in Christmas crackers, Lord of Misrule is said to dissolve to show a wine-coloured center and it looks pretty impressive in action (I love when the staff of Lush stores show you how to use products!) I can't wait to give it a go!

Lush So White Bath Bomb (Lush, £3.25): As I said earlier, I adore bergamot and those who know me well will know that you need only give a hint of Bergamot and I'll be buying whatever product it's in! Bergamot is a favourite scent of mine and So White features a crisp, delicate apple fragrance with a touch of citrus from wonderful Bergamot. With a white outer layer, So White has a secret pink center which promises to turn my bath a beautiful rose colour. I can't wait!

Lush The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar (Lush, £2.95): I think I'm like a lot of people this year - unavailable to avoid this absolutely adorable bubble bar, The Christmas Penguin. A bubble bar modelled on the Little Penguins found on Philip Island, Australia, Little Penguins are some of the smallest penguins in the world - so The Christmas Penguin is a perfect tribute! With orange flower absolute and Sicilian mandarin oil, I can't wait to give this a go. Although I might feel a little bit bad about crumbling away parts of this cute little penguin's body!

So that's my Lush Christmas haul! As you can see, I went a bit 'all out' this year. But I actually think the prices of the Christmas range are far more reasonable this year than previous years and with most of these bath-time wonders being limited edition, well, you have to snap them up whilst you can! What's your favourite Lush Christmas product this year?

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