#AreaH20HealthyHairChallenge - Putting AreaH2O to the test!

12 Dec 2013

AreaH20 Medium Water Shampoo and Conitioner for Colour Treated Hair

In my younger, care-free days, I was a hair stylist. It's been a fair few years since I hung up my scissors and decided to go back in to education, but it makes me ever so curious whenever I am introduced to a new hair care brand. AreaH2O intrigued me from the get-go, with products formulated to benefit your hair based on a number of important factors. Across the UK, different areas have different water types. What is a water type, I hear you ask? Well, water can be categorised in one of three ways; hard, medium and soft. The harder the water, presumably the harder it can be to everything we use it for; from bathing to cleaning, even tea drinking! Where you live in the UK determines what kind of water your house uses, and you can view a full map of hard, medium and soft water areas over on the AreaH2O website

Basically, the more minerals in a specific area, the harder the water will be, and the opposite with areas where there is low mineral content. The harder the water, the more damaging it can be for your hair as water with a large mineral content can cause the shaft of your hair to be coated in teeny tiny limescale molecules. On the flip side, an area with very little mineral water content can cause hair to have a 'slippery' feel, and sometimes result in the hair being harder to manage. Think of it like this; when you use a kettle for a long period of time, if you are living in a hard water area, limescale will build up. Those nasty, dull beige coloured almost scale like clumps you find in kettles? That is caused by your water and the minerals within. Imagine the damage minerals in water can do to your kettle, and imagine that effect on your hair. Although less obvious and not easy to see with the naked eye, the damage is still there. If the minerals which affect our hair are in the water we use, and other than moving area there is nothing we can do to prevent it, what does this mean for our hair? There are ways to protect your hair against damage caused by the water we use, and one of those ways is by using AreaH2O.

AreaH20 Medium Water Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair

AreaH2O have created a revolutionary hair care range, scientifically formulated by biochemists which works to leave your hair feeling cleaner, smoother and more manageable whilst boosting a natural, healthy shine and if you have colour treated hair, prolonging your colour intensity. Over the past two weeks I have been taking part in the '#AreaH20HealthyHairChallenge'; a challenge set up by AreaH2O to really test their product claims and I was kindly sent a AreaH2O Hair Care Set* (LookFantastic*, £16.59) The set includes two full sized hair care products; a 250ml shampoo and a 200ml conditioner specifically targeted at coloured hair in medium water areas. The medium shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair work to protect your from natural mineral deposits, which build up when washing your hard in medium water areas. The conditioner has been formulated to work as a magnet, attracting mineral ions making it easier to cleanse your hair of built up minerals. 

My hair after two weeks of using AreaH20
After two weeks of using AreaH20

So how did I fair using these over a two week period? First off let's look at the packaging and price. I really like that the products are available, for all water types and whether for normal or coloured hair, in duo-sets as well as individually. The products are simply designed with a bold logo and I actually really love the look of the packaging overall. I think the price is fairly decent and purse-friendly considering you are getting two full sized products which are set to last you at least 8 weeks minimum with regular use. Scent wise both the shampoo and conditioner have a very light, subtle scent which smells fresh and slightly floral; a very likable scent. For those of you who prefer to avoid SLS, AreaH2O does contain SLS in it's ingredients and it's one of the top ingredients used. However, I personally do not suffer from irritation from using products containing SLS and irritation and sensitivity on the scalp by using products with SLS in, depends on each individual. 

Baring in mind AreaH2O has been formulated by biochemists to specifically target your hair based on water type, you'd imagine immediate results, right? Well, I can happily say that yes, I did see immediate results from using both the shampoo and conditioner. Since using AreaH2O my hair has felt a lot cleaner, finding the shampoo works wonderfully to deeply cleanse my hair without damaging it nor leaving a dry, crispy feel as some shampoos can. The conditioner works wonderfully to leave my hair feeling healthy, softer and also works wonders for helping me manage those pesky flyaway hairs and unwanted frizz. My hair is less lank, I have suffered less from oily roots and overall, my hair has been far easier to manage and style. I started this challenge intrigued, but skeptical - but I'm so pleased to see that AreaH2O live up to their claims. Would I recommend AreaH2O? For those in a medium water area like myself, yes! Without having tried the variations for both soft and hard water, I cannot comment on those ranges - however you can spot some fab reviews of various water types retweeted on the AreaH2O Twitter. I've enjoyed taking part in this challenge and I love the positive changes I have seen in my hair overall. AreaH2O, I'm impressed!

AreaH20 Medium Water Conditioner

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