TheVeganKind - The debut box

7 Nov 2013

Since sharing my introduction to TheVeganKind with you back in October, I have been eagerly awaiting the delivery of the debut box. First things first, I am not a vegan. That is a choice that only I can make and I will happily admit that my not being a vegan, is more due to being incredibly naive about veganism. However, TheVeganKind has had my interest piqued and I can honestly say, I am incredibly impressed with the first box. I have been introduced not only to brands I never knew existed, but to products I didn't know existed either. This box has been a real eye-opener for my family and I, it's made us think of ways in which we could change how we are living - maybe not to turn vegan over night or maybe even ever, but to chose more planet-friendly, animal-friendly, wellbeing-promoting products for everything from food to household items. So what is in this box which has impressed me so much?

The box itself is fairly big in size, but rather than the typical monthly subscription boxes which have the products inside another more durable box as a 'gift box' type way of packaging, TheVeganKind avoids that unnecessary packaging. Opening up the packaging you're greeted with the typical shredded paper to keep the products safe during transit, making the entire box completely recyclable. Straight away it hit me how much variety there was in the box, I don't know what I expected but what greeted me was treats from beauty, hygiene, cooking and even sweets and accessories. I've never seen a box with such amazing variety and I really do prefer boxes which combine something of everything, over all beauty orientated boxes. Like they say, variety is the spice of life! On top of the products in the box there was a lovely letter from TheVeganKind introducing the box, explaining how and why TheVeganKind was founded and what it's all about. It also introduces this month's featured charity of the month; each month customers of TheVeganKind are able to vote for their charity of choice to receive a 10p donation from every box. This month the charity nominated was Farplace, an animal rescue center. You can nominate a charity to be the December featured charity of the month over on the Facebook page now. There's also a leaflet introducing each of the products  (as well as exclusive discounts for TheVeganKind customers) along with a recipe card for a delicious vegan vox's slow cooker leek and potato soup. There's so much information in the box, all so helpful, it's easy to see how dedicated and passionate TheVeganKind is.

Crystal Spring Salt of the Earth Travel Deodorant (Unisex) (Crystal Spring, 50g, £3.36) - I've seen this brand before but never really looked into them, so I was happy to see a product from them in the box. A solid deodorant is not something I have tried before so this is a new experience for me! To use you apply to damp skin, which allows the deodorant to leave a thin layer of natural mineral salts on your skin - a natural deodorant which is fragrance free and provides long-lasting protection. I will definitely be reviewing this in full once I've got the hang of it, it's so unique to other deodorants I have tried or come across! 

Clearspring Organic Miso Bouillion Paste Concentrated Vegetable Stock (Clearspring, box of 4, £2.89) - This product ties in with the recipe card featured in this months box and I am so excited to give it a go because I love making soups! Made from the highest quality natural ingredients and containing no yeast extract, Miso is a nourishing, high-energy whole food that helps to maintain health and vitality - looking after your body from the foods you put into it. I'm excited to try the recipe and see what this vegetable stock tastes like! 

Living Naturally Soapnut Sample Bag (Soapnuts, £3.49) - Out of everything in the box, this sample bag probably intrigued me the most. I've never heard of soapnuts before, the only organic detergent which grows on trees and as TheVeganKind says "It simply doesn't get greener than this!" Included in the sample pack is a small biodegradable muslin washbag with 5 Living Naturally Soapnuts which will last up to 4/5 washes, a 15ml sample of Living Naturally Soapnut Liquid which will last up to 3 washes, a sample of Living Naturally Rose Castile Soapnut Soap (which smells lovely), and 40g of Soda Crystals, all of which come with full instructions on how to use them as well as an introduction to Soapnuts and their best uses. This for me was just a realisation that not everything has to be supermarket washing detergents, there are other alternatives out there and I'm excited to see how we get on with these! The soap sample is already in the bathroom and almost used up from days of use from the whole family and we're definitely a fan of the soap, so hopefully we will be a fan of the remaining Living Naturally Soapnut samples too!

Goody Good Stuff Fizzy Sweets (Goody Good Stuff, 25g, 35p) - Let's cut straight to the chase with this one - these fat free, meat free, dairy free, alcohol free, gluten free, egg free, nut free, soy free, wheat free and gelatine free sweets are genuinely some of the best sweets I have had in years - to the point where I ordered two big bags to come with this week's food shop. Not only are these fab for my Weight Watchers (working out at 2ppts a 25g bag), but they contain less rubbish in them than normal high-street sweets and they just tasted so darn yummy! Love, and definitely addicted.

The Vegg (The Vegg, 1.56oz, £4.99) - This is another item in the box which was a revelation for my family and I - I genuinely did not know there were alternatives to eggs for vegans. A 100% plant-based egg yolk replacement, The Vegg is an American brand and their products are the first of their kind. Replicating the taste and texture (or so it promises) of egg yolks, these can be used in replacement of genuine eggs for anything you can think of. The sample sized sachet we received is huge and makes 1 liter of yolk - equivalent to 30-40 yolks, so this is going to last us a long time but I'm really looking forward to incorporating this into a meal as an egg alternative, and seeing what it's like. Although an American retailer, you can find The Vegg on Amazon, at TheVeganStore and other UK and worldwide retailers. 

QI Tea Samples (QI-Teas, sample worth 20p) - As a self-confessed tea obsessive, it's no surprise I was thrilled to receive some tea samples in the box! Inspired by the ancient teachings of the Chinese, QI Teas kindly provided two variations of green tea and white tea with goji berry. Natural, organic and fair trade, these teas promise to be healthy, revitalising, refreshing and still taste amazing - I'll be trying these out today and can't wait to see what they're like - could I end up with a new tea favourite?!

Koolbadges Bonus Product (Koolbadges) - This is a bonus product in the box and it's missing from the photos because my partner managed to misplace it after riffling through the box and going 'Oooohhhh what's this!' But a badge from Koolbadges with TheVeganKind logo was kindly included and I will definitely be sporting my TheVeganKind badge with pride (once I find it) From a husband and wife duo who are also vegans themselves, Koolbadges is a British brand based in the North West of England whose badges are made with all UK supplies, made on manual presses in workshops. 

So that's the contents of the debut TheVeganKind Box* (TheVeganKind*, £10) and I am genuinely so impressed. I think TheVeganKind have done an amazing job for the first box, I'm so impressed by the variety of products featured in the box and just how informative everything is. I've been introduced to substitutes which I didn't even know existed and it's given me food for thought, that's for sure. I will definitely be signing up for next month's box because this is something I would happily receive every month. For vegans reading this, give TheVeganKind a go - it's the first vegan lifestyle box of it's kind and I think (having better knowledge of vegan products than I) you would adore the contents and general feel of the box just like I did. For non vegans, there's no harm in giving the box a go. I'm not a vegan nor is my family, but we are genuinely grateful to have been introduced to the products we have - it's been an eye opener. The hard work, dedication and passion coming from TheVeganKind team is easy to see and it's that personal touch and thought which makes all the difference. TheVeganKind gets all the thumbs up from me - and I can't wait to see what's inside the December box.

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*This post contains the debut TheVeganKind box which was kindly sent for review. All opinions are 100% and 100% my own. I hope you've enjoyed reading my review!