The Budget Buy: 17 Eyes Trio

22 Nov 2013

SEVENTEEN Smokey Eye Trio Eyeshadow in Midnight

Everyone loves a Boots offer, especially when the offer is 3 for 2 across all beauty. Every time 3 for 2 is on, I go a little bit over the top and I end up not only stocking up on products I'd been researching and interested in trying, but products I'd never even heard of before just to fulfill the offer. We all do it, a 'free' product is too good to miss, so we pick up any old thing just so we can say 'I got 3 for 2!'. If you're one of those few with more will power than me and you can walk away from the Boots beauty aisles when there's an offer on. then please tell me how you resist... I need to stop caving into offers! But of course this isn't a post about offers or my love for Boots, nor unfortunately is it a post about my brilliant photography (anyone else hating autumn light right now? Everything has an autumn tinge to it!) 

SEVENTEEN Smokey Eye Trio Eyeshadow in Midnight (Boots, £5.49) - I've tried the 17 Eyes Trios before, having owned a few of them before but in the summer I grew out of love with them and decided to pop them in a blog sale where they where quickly snapped up. When I spotted Midnight, I knew it was the trio to get me back into these little pots from 17, and the colours looked perfect for the New Year's Eve type of looks I go for. The product itself is packaged in a circle pot, encasing all three shades. The pot is made of plastic, although I've never had any problems with them in the past and so long as you don't screw the lid back on too tight, the packaging is set to last. The shades look particularly intense in the pan and I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed the first time I swatched each of the shades. The colour pay off isn't as great on the skin, but one massive plus side is that the colours are very easily buildable, so you are able to build up the intense, vivid and sultry shades to almost exactly as they look in trio. 

None of the shades have numbers, which is something I wish 17 would change as some shade names would be lovely. The brown shade is an almost matte chestnut brown that is very cool toned. In the pan it looks like there is a shimmer running through it but this doesn't translate onto the skin. Two of the shades in the trio are shimmer packed shades, but with exceptionally fine glitter which works wonderfully. The finish is more towards a frost finish and the two shimmer shades are really beautiful. The first is a shimmer packed taupe that looks deeper in the pan than on the skin, where it has more of a rose gold look to it. This particular shade really reminds me of MAC Satin Taupe, with some extra added shimmer. The final shade looks like a vivid navy blue in the pan, although on the skin it looks more like onyx with bright blue fine shimmer running through to brighten it up. Another shade very close to a MAC shade, this is similar to MAC Contrast.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this adorable little trio. The colour pay off isn't as great as you'd expect from looking at the trio, but with the colour being so buildable, I'll forgive and forget. The longevity is pretty good although if you have oily eyelids like me, a good primer is a must else these will crease and also lose their intense colour and shimmer. I've been applying these shades with my Art Deco Eyeshadow Base and it lasts all day with no creasing in sight! I'll definitely be checking out the other trios on offer when I'm next in Boots, that's for sure! If you've tried one of the 17 Eyes Trios, I'd love to hear what you think to them and what you think to the quality and colour pay off. Or maybe you'd like to give them a go? Let me know! 

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