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9 Nov 2013

Tarte Amazon Escape Palette

I can't be the only one who swoons over the makeup brands and extended beauty ranges the lucky American lot get - I'm constantly lusting after brands yet to branch over to the UK. Tarte is one of those brands. I've been drawn to every Tarte product I've seen because when I wear makeup, I want it to last. I want the shade to be true to how it looks in the pan, I want it to apply effortlessly and blend easily, and I want it to look natural. From the reviews I've read and seen, Tarte ticked all of those boxes and so I was on a beauty obsessives mission! I've lusted after Tarte amazonian clay 12 Hour Blushes for years and last year I managed to get my hands on Dollface, a beautiful dolly pink, when I did a beauty swap with a Canadian blogger. Earlier this year I managed to get my hands on Exposed, a favourite blush of all my collection, and Tipsy, the perfect bright coral. They seriously live up to the expectations set out in rave reviews, and I really hope that one day Tarte will come over to the UK - because their blushes are some of the best I have ever tried. I recently found a UK online retailer that stocks Tarte (thanks to the lovely Marvelle and Amy!) and couldn't resist a new release, the Amazon Escape palette. The chance to try more blushes, as well as eye shadows, all in one palette, I knew I had to have it. 

Tarte Amazon Escape amazonian clay eye & cheek palette (Roses Beauty Store, £42.99) is a dream for anyone who has lusted after trying Tarte. Featuring two blushes and six eye shadows, the palette itself is like a small clutch. With a design which will suit some but not all, there's faux snake and crocodile skins in purples lined with gold hardware. I quite like the look, it stands out from my other palettes, that's for sure! Tarte uses skin invigorating ingredients such as amazonian clay, goji berry extract and mineral pigments to name but a few. You can learn so much about the natural ingredients used to create Tarte products on the Tarte Skin Invigorating information page - it's really worth a read! Tarte uses natural ingredients and is a cruelty free brand whose products boast longevity, amazing pigmentation and beautiful formulas - and the Amazon Escape palette really does meet all of those promises. 

There's two generously sized blushers in the palette, both from the Tarte amazonian clay 12 Hour Blush range. First up Free, which reminds me of NARS Orgasm but less refined. There's a sparkle of shimmer throughout the blush in the pan, but this doesn't translate onto the skin and instead the shimmer works to create a very subtle but extremely flattering blush with a pop of highlighter. Whereas I didn't take to NARS Orgasm, I am really enjoying using Free. The shade itself is like the perfect mixture of Dollface and Tipsy; a vibrant pink with a fantastic vivid coral running through it, making it appropriate even now we're well into autumn, but easily one that'll get a lot of wear in the summer, too. Next we have Exposed, one of my favourite blushes for the beautiful shade that is on the right side of natural with a pop of warmth for perfect definition. I can use this as a blush or a contour, it's the perfect in-between shade. Whether it's in a palette like this or individually, if you can get your hands on a Tarte blush I promise you will fall in love.  

Tarte Amazon Escape Palette

Eye Shadows
When you look at the palette, the eye shadows don't look like the most enticing, standout shades. In fact I think it's safe to say from looking at them that some seem quite dull and bland. And then you use them, and instantly you can see why these shades are in the palette. Tame is a beautiful highlight shade that's not too stark, but subtle enough to widen your eyes if used as an inner corner highlight, and very flattering swept across the brow bone to highlight. Rare is a lovely neutral, more warm in tone than cool but the perfect shade to add a wash of colour over your lids, disguising any discolouration and neutralising the skin tone. Rope is where the shades start to have some more oomph and get some serious colour behind them. I'd describe Rope as a warm brown with taupe and gold undertones, it's my favourite shade in the palette and incredible for a pop of colour on the lids but even better when blended through the crease. Camo is the only shade in the palette that lets me down because on my skin tone, it just doesn't transfer any colour whatsoever. Canopy is another stunner, a copper gold that I think is going to be a favourite in the warmer months, but nice for a different look when popped in the inner corner as an alternative to Tame. Tribal is the final shade in the palette and I think it looks more of a deep, purple black in the pan than when applied. The colour can be achieved to be an exact of how it looks in the pan, but it needs to be built up for that effect. When it is built up, wow does this make a gorgeous shade to theme a smoky eye around! 

I think it's safe to say Amazon Escape has been a firm favourite and it's a palette I'm wanting to turn to every day, but using sparingly as Tarte is so hard to get in the UK. There's a lot of Tarte products available over on Roses Beauty Store which is a UK website which delivers for 99p per item. In comparison to the American prices, if we were to pay the same as America where it retails for $44 (Sephora) it would cost £27.51. So the UK price is a lot, lot more expensive and tbh, I think quite a shocking price difference. But, Tarte is a brand whose products I adore and the formula, longevity and ease of use makes their products a bit of a must-have for me right now. I'm hoping Tarte come to the UK and that when they do, the price is more along the lines of that in America, but until then - I'm willing to pay the price for anything from Tarte, if they're as good as this is. 

Tarte Amazon Escape Palette
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