Micky Flanagan - Back in the Game

15 Nov 2013

Micky Flanagan is exactly my kind of comedian. He's got the typical cockney accent, cheeky smile and joke after joke that reduces fans to tears of laughter. Last night I was kindly invited along with Charlotte from Lilmisschickas to Capital FM Arena, Nottingham, for the opening night of Micky's Back in the Game Tour*, and I'm still smiling now! If you have plans tonight or tomorrow - scrap them, because you need to go see Micky, and I'm going to tell you why. 

It's been quite a while since I saw a comedian live and as a fan of Micky, I was really excited to be invited along and get the chance to watch the first Nottingham show of his tour. I've watched Micky on his numerous TV appearances over the past couple of years and I'm regularly watching his videos on YouTube. I think his comedy is hilarious and if you've ever seen him before, whether on TV or live, I'm sure he will have had you in stitches! With a simple stage set, it's clear that Micky doesn't need over the top theatrics for his show, no, his jokes are all the theatrics he needs and the simple sign with his name in lights and an almost star like background, you're full attention is on Micky, the 51 year old from Bethnal Green, London, whose making you howl with laughter and bringing back floods of memories from the good old days. Micky's show has a perfect balance of past and present, sharing funny stories and comical situations that leave the crowds gasping in shock, smiling in appreciation and laughing along with the 10,000 strong crowd there with you. They say laughter is infectious, and after spending last night laughing til I had tears in my eyes with 10,000 other people, I think it's safe to say the saying is definitely spot on!

Micky might be 51 but you don't need to worry about being too young or too old for his humour. With jokes spanning from the 1970's all the way to the present day, Micky covers any age group who might be in the crowd. With stories of his childhood, his youth, all the way through to marriage and fatherhood, Micky has it covered. Stories that would embarrass his wife, dad and nan all feature throughout, and you'll definitely be thinking twice next time you pick up a sandwich in a petrol station! Micky is a comedian for all - although if you're easily embarrassed, avoid going with your parents! With everything from nudist holidays in Spain to recreational drug use in the 70's and 80's, Micky will take you on a journey that is guaranteed to have you grinning ear to ear. If you can get to one of his remaining two Nottingham shows this weekend, I cannot recommend it enough! I had an amazing night and I will be laughing as I remember jokes from the night for days to come! 

You can find out more about the Back in the Game on the Capital FM website and if you can grab a ticket for tonight or tomorrow's shows, you won't regret it! Tickets are available for Friday November 15th and Saturday November 16th. Prices range from £27.44 and £29.68 - including admin fee's - and you can book online, over the phone 0843 373300 or in person from the Ticketing & Customer services, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1LA. You can also follow Capital FM Arena for all the latest event information on Twitter @CapitalFMArena as well as Micky himself @MickyF_Official and be sure to check out his Facebook page too! 

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*I was kindly invited along as a guest of Capital FM Arena. All views are 100% my own and honest. I have not been sponsored to write this post.