Keeping snug and cosy this A/W with Moccis

18 Nov 2013

I don't know about you but as soon as the colder nights start drawing close, I'm all for getting nice and cosy with a hot chocolate and a cheesy Christmas movie. Only November, you say? As if I could hold on until December to watch Elf! The days seem shorter, it's getting darker earlier and there's candles with Christmas scents everywhere; all the cosy joy! One thing that has been making these cold nights even more snug, is the arrival of my new Stoney River Moccis* (Moccis*, £59.97) Quite frankly unlike any other 'slipper' I have ever had before, these are beautiful yet strange all in one! Handmade in Sweden using traditional craftsmanship in a factories famous for producing moccasins for over 60 years, Moccis form of a non-slip leather sole which is hand stitched to the 'sock' section of the Moccis. They're like a hybrid between a sock and slipper, meaning you can wear them anywhere in the house without worrying about slipping or sliding due to the fab none slip leather, but they're comfortable and with the fit of a good winter sock. The sock itself is thick and pretty darn good quality, going up to ankle length on me personally although if you have slimmer legs, they'd probably go higher! 

The first time I wore these they felt a little weird; I've always either worn socks or slippers, never a hybrid of the two. But they are so comfortable to wear! The only downside to these for me is that the the top of the Moccis, like the top of some socks, can get a little too tight around my leg. If I wear these all day I find that area of my legs can feel sore and itchy from the temporary blood loss, but as before if you have slimmer legs than me, these should be fine fitting wise! I opted for the Stoney River design because I'm not the most out there with patterns and designs where socks or slippers are concerned, so I wanting something I could wear and not be too distracting, but still look pretty. I love how the slate grey and bright blue works so well together and they almost look like a starry sky! There's over 30 different designs of Moccis, available for babies, children and adults, so there's tons to chose from, but Stoney River was calling me and I love them! Having never heard of Moccis, or Moccasins, I didn't really know what to expect. But now? I'm addicted, I wear them every day and they definitely help with that cosy winter evening feeling! I love them so much, I'm hoping to get my little nephew a pair of the penguin ones! Have you tried Moccis? Are they something you'd give a go? 

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*This post contains a PR sample. All opinions are genuine and my own.