E.l.f. Baked Blush in Passion Pink

27 November

E.l.f. Baked Blush in Passion Pink

Considering I adore the longevity and formula of baked blushes, it's surprising that this is only the second baked blush in my collection. My first ever baked blush is from the equally budget-friendly American brand Milani. Luminoso was the first blush I felt truly confident wearing and ever since I've had a little list that's quickly getting longer, of baked blushes I want to try. During the recent 50% off sale over on the E.l.f. website I decided to try one of their baked blushes, which is far more budget friendly, before opting for the high-end baked blushes I've been lusting after. There's four shades in the E.l.f. baked blush range; Peachy Cheeky, Pinktastic, Passion Pink and Rich Rose. I opted for Passion Pink as the swatches I found online looked similar to my favourite MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Lust. The blushes themselves come in little round plastic packaging with a black base and clear lip with the E.l.f. logo and product name. With a very lightweight packaging I was worried that the blush itself may not be entirely secure but it seems to be nicely tucked into the pan, not budging a single mm. 

E.l.f. advertise their baked blushes as soft and shimmering colour that works to create a natural, healthy glow. Baked blushes are renowned for their impressive pigmentation and long-lasting formulas and I was excited to see how E.l.f's faired against Milani. When swatched, this blush isn't impressive. Hardly any product transfers to skin when I try and swatch this blush, and just a pale lilac-pink can be seen as any trace of having swatched the product at all. Applied with a blush brush and it's a different matter entirely. I find this works best with my EcoTools Blush Brush and I apply a moderate amount onto the brush to compensate for the lack of swatching-power, and find it actually applies the perfect amount of colour to my cheeks. The colour is subtle, very pretty and unlike other shades in my blush collection. The formula of the blush itself is OK, but not the best I've tried. It feels very coarse in the pan and I have a feeling this is both a blush which would wear down quickly with regular use, as well as possibly crumbling and cracking the closer I get to pan. That said I think it's a bargain product that is worth giving a go. The E.l.f. baked blushes retail for £3.75 which is a small price to pay for a lovely pop of colour on your cheeks. Not my favourite... but a blush I look forward to using more. Who knows, I may even try the other three shades in the range, they're so purse-friendly, it would be rude not to! (E.l.f., £3.75

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