Contouring made easy with Cargo

2 Nov 2013

Cargo Monaco Contour Palette

Contouring is the one aspect of 'doing my face' that I am always trying to get better at. I know some people find contouring super easy but with my chubby cheeks, I find it difficult to get contouring right. I've been road testing the Cargo Contour Palette* (Debenhams*, £22) over the past month or so and I've actually found it fantastic in helping me get there with my contouring. But first things first, the packaging. The Cargo Contour Palette comes in a super sleek palette which is perfect for travelling and on the go and I always have this in my bag for on the go touch ups and emergencies. Containing a highlight, a blush and a contour shade, this saves space and time - it's so much easier having just one product for three jobs! It's sturdy (in fact sometimes a bit of a struggle to open) and the reflective faux silver packaging doubles up as a pretty decent mirror, which is a definite plus for on the go.

The Contour Palette is available in two shades, Malibu and Monaco and the palette I have been trialing is Monaco which has slightly more natural shades. Each of the powders have a lovely soft, velvet formula that applies very easily and blends flawlessly. The highlight shade is fantastic for literally anywhere - brushed along the top of my cheeks, down the center of my nose, to highlight my brow bone and for my inner corner. It's a lovely opalescent pale pink-beige with super fine shimmer that is really flattering on. The blush is absolutely beautiful, a shade packed full of fine shimmer this beautiful blush reminds me of Sleek Rose Gold, but with a touch more true gold. I have been loving this for a pop of colour on my cheeks! The final shade in the palette is a contour shade and it's quite frankly, one of the easiest to use and most wearable contour shades I have come across. A cool toned natural contour, these is lovely for contouring and adds that touch of definition my face is naturally lacking. It's incredibly easy to blend so no worries over muddy, streaky looking contours here! All three of the shades just work so well together and it makes makeup on the go so much easier - less products, less fuss and an easy to use palette that have become a must-have for me. I think this would be fantastic for so many different people because the sheer ease of a palette like this with actually great quality products, is something I've rarely found. It makes life easier, and looks beautiful at the same time! I plan to pick up Malibu in the warmer months, as the brighter colours seem perfect for spring and summer. But for now, Monaco is the perfect contour palette for me.  

Cargo Monaco Contour Palette
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*This post contains some a stunning Cargo contour palette kindly sent to me for review. All opinions are 100% my own. I hope you enjoyed reading my review!