Clarins, a contender for MAC Cranberry?

7 Nov 2013

Everyone loves a riffle through the beauty shelves in TKMaxx and I've been known to make my purse weep when I see a good bargain. I wasn't sure whether to share this Clarins shadow with you all because it's no longer available direct from the Clarins website - which means it is no longer a product Clarins produce. I generally try and avoid products which fall under this category as you have no way of knowing when it was produced, but this shade was far too beautiful to miss up. I've checked the current single eyeshadows Clarins produce, the Ombre Minerale Eye Shadows (Clarins, £17), which has a massive range of 16 shades, but unfortunately none seem to be similar to the shade I picked up in TKMaxx. From the previous Clarins Monu Couleur range, the shade I picked up is Perfect Plum and the shade name is true to the colour. A gorgeous deep plum this reminds me a lot of MAC Cranberry, but with more warmth and depth to it. It's a beautiful shade and I've actually found myself reaching for this more than Cranberry. When on sale Clarins used to sell these monu shadows for £13 - I picked mine up in TKMaxx for £5! Like all Clarins shadows it applies effortlessly, blends easily and lasts all day long with no creasing. I'm besotted and as it's no longer available, I will be using this sparingly! I have done a good old Google search and found a a few over on eBay at various prices. Do I think it's worth snapping up? 100% yes! 

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