Boujies London Earl Grey Reed Diffuser

6 Nov 2013

Now we're in the full swing of autumn, I'm finding myself craving cosy, soothing and unique scents. I have recently been introduced to a wonderful British brand, Boujies London, whose Earl Grey Reed Diffuser* (Boujies*, 200ml, £42) has been the perfect scent to wake up to. Boujies London was founded in 2010, so it's still a fairly new brand, and their products and brand ethos centers around the founders; Michelle and Keith Gulliver, who have a passion for creativity, design and perfumery - which is true throughout the whole range of incredible scents. With home candles and reed diffusers, each is made with loving care to create candles which are made of 100% natural waxes created by master candle makers, using traditional methods of hand blending and pouring, and reed diffusers which are individually blended and housed in stunning handmade class with a beautiful embossed Boujies logo and delicately adorned with thick and luxurious ribbons. 

When the Earl Grey Reed Diffuser arrived, I was in lust straight away. Presented in the gorgeous signature Boujies London gift box which, quite frankly, takes 1st place as the best packaging I've seen in a brand for scents, the Boujies London reed diffusers are luxurious, unique and beautiful to look at. With a hand-tied bow of luxurious black ribbon, each reed diffuser is housed in gorgeous handmade glass and contains a unique blend of essential oils; all of which are hand-blended here in the UK. Using a unique and gentle diffusing oil, each scent is carefully made to be a pleasure to the senses and the Earl Grey scent has truly stolen my heart. A much softer, more gentle scent than previous reed diffusers I have tried, this scent exceeded my expectations. I expected an attempt of the scent of one of my favourite teas - instead when I opened up my reed diffuser for the first time, I was hit with the most stunning, delicate and true scent of earl grey, that instantly made my entire room smell stunning. For those of you who aren't a tea obsessive or have never tried Earl Grey before, Earl Grey is an aromatic scent of bergamot orange, taken specifically from the rind of bergamot oranges.

The reeds provided are the Boujies London signature black reeds, and these work to draw up the finely fragranced oil, leaving your home with a gorgeous scent that's not overpowering, but not so delicate it's unnoticeable. Each morning when I wake or when I walk into the house, I am met with the truest scent of Earl Grey and it genuinely leaves me smiling. Boujies London promise their scents will last up to four months, which is a big promise for a reed diffuser - but I've had my reeds in for a few weeks now and the level of product has barely gone down. It's beautiful, and now I don't know how I'll ever be without this scent...
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*This post contains a beautiful Earl Grey Reed Diffuser from Boujies London, kindly sent to me for review. All opinions are 100% my own. I hope you enjoyed reading my review!